Amelia Gregory

Amelia Gregory is Junior Fashion Lead for SSEDITORIAL. She writes on everything from sustainability to runway. She is our lead contributor for red carpet reviews, so keep an eye out for her latest 'Best Dressed' list. Find her on Instagram: @milly_gregory

Annie Walton Doyle

Annie Walton Doyle is a writer based in Manchester, UK. She typically writes about beauty and other "personal aesthetics," with a healthy dose of both social commentary and stupidity. When not touching makeup, she enjoys pubs, knitting, nature, and mysteries. Find her on Instagram @anniewaltondoyle.

Arianna Caroni

Arianna is the Head of Digital Publishing for SSEDITORIAL Magazine. She ensures that you regularly see insightful and fun articles. Your favourite article? Arianna saw it first. When Arianna is not publishing, she likes to read huge piles of novels and go on hikes.

Joanna Cakala

Joanna is the Junior Wellness Lead for SSEDITORIAL Magazine, specialising in mental health, wellness and lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes to write scripts and dance.

EdAnne Rowe-Taylor

EdAnne Rowe-Taylor has been a fashion journalist interested in fashion for the last decade. After obtaining her degree in fashion journalism, she now contributes to sseditorial magazine on fashion history and explores its cultural significance.

Editorial Team

At SSEDITORIAL, one of our primary focuses as a team, set out by our Editor in Chief, is our mental health. We also assist with magazine interviews, publishing opinions from SSEDITORIAL Magazine affiliates and assist our Editor in Chief with regularly updating historical articles.

Misty Lamb

Misty Lamb is a contributing writer at SSEDITORIAL who imparts a fresh perspective contemplating fashion and its place in the modern world.

Nazifa Ali

Nazifa is a fashion and style contributor for SSEDITORIAL Magazine, although she occasionally contributes to sseditorial runway and education. She regularly talks about all facets of the fashion industry, including sustainability, social issues, style, and fashion. She also enjoys going to art galleries and exhibitions when she has free time.


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Sama is the Editor in Chief of SSEDITORIAL Magazine. She currently oversees the creative direction of the magazine after ending her role as Runway Director to develop the SSEDITORIAL RUNWAY division. When Sama is not leading the team. She likes to contribute, primarily to the high fashion section of the magazine.

Cole Thyer

My Role within this Magazine is Runway Contributor, guiding you through all things eccentric and extravagant that hit the runway. My articles consist of overviews researching varied designers and artistic stunts in the industry. Read my published articles if you wish to learn more about catwalk couture.