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Time for a Change? How to Switch up Hair Trends Without the Commitment

Time for a Change? How to Switch up Hair Trends Without the Commitment

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know hair boredom is a dangerous thing. One quick look in the mirror, and you can be impulsively grabbing your scissors and causing all manner of upset. What is the best way to avoid doing any serious damage? Going for smaller, more subtle, less permanent moves. And one of the most enjoyable ways out there? Adding a hint of tint to your hair colour.

Go Lighter

You may need to lighten your hair before starting to enjoy the world of colour out there. To add my own at-home highlights, I love Shrine’s bleach kits. They offer fast and powerful lift even to dark hair but manage to minimize hair damage.

Hair Dyes and Tinted Shampoos

Bleach London does a range of great non-permanent dyes. But for those who fancy something more subtle, I’m massively into their tinted shampoos. You can add a veil of shimmery colour to hair while washing it – what could be easier? Their Awkward Peach Shampoo is great to add a hint of strawberry blondness and warmth to blonde hair, while their Fade To Grey Shampoo gives super-cool smoky tones.

Toning Hair Masks

I’m also a big fan of a toning hair mask as a quick colour change. The Christophe Robin Shade Variation Masks are among the best out there. I love both the Baby Blonde and the Chic Copper variants, which can cool down or warm up blonde locks. They also leave hair feeling literally the softest ever. 

The Davines Alchemic Silver Conditioner is a great option if you’re on a slightly tighter budget, giving the same beautiful silveriness and treating dried-out follicles. For something a bit more fun, the Maria Nila Colour Refresh (particularly in the shade Peach) offers a surprisingly high (but blessedly temporary) colour payoff. And for those who want to add some blueish-grey tones, the Aveda Black Malva Conditioner gives an absolutely stunning finish (although it does take a little bit longer to fade).

Tips for Blondes Who Want To Have More Fun

Another hot tip I have for blondes who want to have more fun is the Superdrug Colour Effects Hair Colours. They’re basically like little bottles of tinted shampoo, which allow you to make subtle tone changes without causing any permanent staining. The shade Rich Red is a personal favourite for a gingery moment.

See Also

If you’re more into “fashion” shades, the Lime Crime Unicorn Semi-Permanent Hair Colours are great. Unlike some other semi-permanent colours, they’re all fairly sheer, making them both more wearable and less of a commitment. They feel conditioning and pleasant, too.

My final impermanent hair colour recommendations are all from IGK. What can I say – this brand brings it when it comes to innovative haircare products! The Mixed Feelings Leave-In Blonde Drops are super cool. You can mix them with any of your post-wash hair treatments to add a subtle hint of violet to any blonde barnet. And for even less of a commitment, the Pre-Party Hair Strobing Glitter Spray and the Girls Colour Club Spray are ideal. Simply spritz on your glitter or shade of choice, and enjoy a night or day of wild hair. Then wash and clean out. Ingenious!

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