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Inside the Celebrity World of Cosmetics

Inside the Celebrity World of Cosmetics

This summer brings with it a plethora of new beginnings, opportunities and a sense of zest to life once again. Summer also paves a fresh path for us to explore the nuances and uniqueness in the world of cosmetics. So unique that we have noticed the trend of celebrities exploring their entrepreneurial opportunities with cosmetics. As laymen, we identify with celebrities when we can relate aspects of our daily lives to theirs. The usage of cosmetics is one of them. Cosmetics, hence, serve as a tool to maintain universality and the connection between celebrities and commoners.

In the midst of all of this heat, let’s discuss the most famous makeup products and brands that we use, curated by outstanding global celebrities. There is an invisible connection that the media draws between the celebrity fraternity and the common masses. As a writer, it is my responsibility to bring forth and highlight how these brands and trends used by our favourite public figures somewhere impact our preferences and daily lives.

Rihanna – Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand has created its mark and has been people-friendly since its inception. Having significantly grown over time in terms of quality and standard, it has been recommended and appreciated by a number of fashion icons. Hiring models from all ethnicities is a large reason behind its popularity. A globally inclusive brand, Fenty has been named one of the best sellers by Vogue and said to have changed the gameplay of the cosmetic industry. The lip gloss is something I would look out for if I were you! 

Drew Barrymore – Flower Beauty

Who is not aware of the famous powder blushes by Flower Beauty? A brand, introduced by Drew Barrymore has been reigning with its amazing beauty products since 2013. An extremely affordable brand in comparison to big names like Burberry and Bobbi Brown, it has been a favourite of all and homes up in the west. However, it is difficult to source if you live outside of the US. Flower Beauty is globally available via multiple online marketing platforms so at least there is an alternative. The revolutionary brand is also endorsed worldwide because of its ‘cruelty-free’ origins and is a must-have if you want a good quality liquid blush in your makeup kit

Alicia Keys – Keys Skincare

The most recent launch of the Keys Skincare by Alicia Keys is also proving to home up in the hearts of makeup lovers. It is also one of the very few brands that emphasize the importance of physical and mental care through its distinctly written and deliberate advertisements and campaigning methods. A raging brown skin beauty care, it is famous for its organic manufacturing and excellent effects on the skin. All in all, I would say if you are a fan of Alicia’s songs, you might become a fan of her cosmetics too. Another pocket-friendly item, my personal favourite is the Skin Transformation Cream with Bakuchiol.

Selena Gomez – Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez has also been the talk of the town for quite a while now. A beautiful amalgamation of mental healthcare and body care. Rare Beauty stands for full-body positivity at its very core; a very vital message that needs to be propagated more in the times that we live in. I would most definitely recommend the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush and the feathery weightless foundation. It is accessible through online platforms and is easily affordable. The most endearing feature of the brand is that it is entirely vegan and animal-friendly. The brand also won the best Makeup line at the 2017 Teen choice awards, USA. This has created a very impactful fanbase amongst the vegan community. 

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Millie Bobby Brown – Florence By Mills

Moving towards newer beauty content creators and Gen-Z icons, Millie Bobby Brown’s Florence is yet again, a new take on beauty, specifically for the upcoming generation of digital influencers. Its nuanced outlook on cosmetics charms the youth right now, whether you’re a fan of Stranger things or not! Again, economic and hassle-free, the light coverage concealer is one to look out for! A reflection of her very bubbly, bright and beautiful self, Millie has managed to create very successful merch. Most famous for its liquid eyeliners and the ‘pop’ effect it has on the skin, the brand also has a unique collection and combination of primers and foundations. 

Katrina – Kay by Katrina

Lastly, let’s discuss an Asian beauty brand called Kay by Katrina. Katrina is a well-known celebrity, actress, model and philanthropist from the Bollywood industry. A makeup brand that is growing gradually and immensely throughout South Asia. The brand is sold globally via online platforms and has proved its affordability with prices equivalent to that of drugstore products. An advocate of brown skin beauty and care, KBK is a brand that is known for its contour lines and rare combinations of foundations, perfect for all skin tones and types. A must-must try!

To conclude, celebrity makeup brands do add the bling, the newness and the speciality to makeup products individually. But they also add products that bring us closer to the creators which add humanity back into sales. We realise that we too, are people from the same community and can experiment, and learn to invent newer styles and trends. Every celebrity is different and with all of the choices we are currently presented with, we can try the latest products and expand our cosmetic horizons.

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