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Elegant Eyeliners Top Picks For 2022/23

Elegant Eyeliners Top Picks For 2022/23

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Eyeliners are the backbone of the cosmetic universe and I wouldn’t flinch twice about this. A well-applied eyeliner helps to create a good impression, catches the eye and is easily distinguished from a bad one. It is crucial to get the appropriate products in your kit. Explore the most authentic information on eyeliners that need to be a part of your makeup bag right now. 


The Maybelline Eyeliner Hyper Precise Liquid Eyeliner is one of the most sought-after purchases in the market as of today. One can procure it from any drugstore nearby and despite it being a common product, its versatility compels the simplest person to try it. Not only does it stand out for its easy application but dries super-fast and lasts for 12 hours.


Another well-put and pigmented eyeliner would be Loreal Paris Flash Winged Eyeliner Black. Again, black and basic. It still delivers a regal look that would enhance anyone’s eyes. Eyeliners and mascaras go hand in hand, but this particular eyeliner claims to do the needful for mascara by the royal impact it creates. It can be comfortably removed by a makeup remover or a cotton swab and is beloved by professionals and experts; a go-to product for a lot of celebrities. 


Kiko Milano Definition eyeliner is yet another catch because it is known for its straight cut and razor-sharp yet smooth application. Available online and commonly in drugstores too, this product and its quality can be spoken for. As is the brand name, it gives a satin finish and avoids ruggedness on the skin and eyepatches; something most eyeliners don’t take care of. It is also one of the few products that are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. 


KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper Black’, is yet another eco-friendly cosmetic product gracing the lives of all makeup lovers with its slick application, straight and promising outlining as flat as a pancake. It sticks up for over 12 hours and can be easily transportable. The thing about pencil-like liquid eyeliners is that they can be handy in use. Easy to dry and hassle-free in almost every aspect. 


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Sujeeth Potla

Chromaline Gel Liner is said to be the most appropriate for any beginners and anyone who is a little hesitant about applying makeup and is on their way to gaining confidence. Known for its scented liquid, it creates quite a defined effect. 

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is my personal favourite. Smudge-free and pillow-like finish; it is a little over the price but is worth the quality and say, so I would recommend a hundred per cent. Its intense colour block is also one to look out for. 


Wired 24/7 Eye Pencil offers a colourful collection of different shades of eyeliners; something that puts any makeup user in a dilemma. Choosing the right coloured eyeliner is essential for it can automatically impact the overall individual look. Black and brown eyeliners are universally acceptable but they don’t necessarily complete all glam looks and deliver the best. It is also helpful to add a little pop to your makeup kit and this brand is a definite choice for the same. Ranging from all colours, I like the glittery- purple and the sky-blue shade as it goes well with subtle colours and enhances matte shades when it comes to eyeshadows. They also give an unwrinkled and sheeny appearance to the entirety of the makeup applied.

In totality, eyeliners can be purchased from drugstores and through online stores too at a very affordable price, and I hope this article acts as a guide for you for that little wing and bling at the ends of your beautiful eyes.

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