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Primers You May Want to Keep on Your Watchlist

Primers You May Want to Keep on Your Watchlist

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If there is one thing that is considered to be underrated in the world of cosmetics, it is primers. Why people believe that primers act as a mere layer beneath the foundation is beyond me. On the contrary, its functions are many-fold.

Along with being the first step in some makeup routines, they create a barrier between your skin and foundation. This is most helpful with the prevention of rashes and acne. Primers highlight any product applied on top and is also beneficial in maintaining all applications in place.

A good quality primer certainly goes a long way. Whether it is about smoothing out wrinkles or helping to oil-control, they last all day and ensure crack-free looks. In my humble opinion, primers are an absolute prerequisite to any good makeup routine. They work wonders for your dark circles and acne, as well as a substitute for foundation during your down-to-earth days. This article will hopefully be a helping hand for the next time you decide to hit the market.

Top choice for Primers

The prime choice amongst all primers for me is most definitely the Hydro Grip Primer by milk makeup. A vegan and skin-friendly mixture, it is devoid of any chemicals and is supportive of one’s natural cell renewal. To add to that, it is an amalgamation of hemp-derived cannabis seed, blue agave, and aloe.

Tarte brings to you the Poreless mattifying primer which promises you the perfect antidote to irritable and erratic skin. Constituting a synthesis of avocado and hydrating safflower seed, it also serves to keep your skin fresh for longer durations.

Budget-friendly Mentions

Next, I will proceed to another primer that is recommended by dermatologists; the Blemish Rescue Anti-redness Mattifying Primer by bareMinerals. As the name suggests, its main property is a mattifying effect that is thin in density. Its anti-redness functions find their origin in phytosphingosine. Phytosphingosine is highly sought-after for its wonderful epidermal impact. BareMinerals is among the most affordable and user-friendly brands. It is a worthy addition to your makeup kit.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills lip primer is a unique product in itself and is a beauty favourite. It helps in retaining lip moisture and ensures full avoidance of cracks and cuts unlike its competitors.

This lip primer is excellent to use when applying lip tints and lipsticks on a regular basis. While we are headed in this direction, let’s discuss nail primers too.

See Also

The Deborah Lippman two-second nail primer is an incredible product. A quiet product on the market, however, it is preferable due to its strengthening features. The two-secodn primer provides nourishment to the nails and appears to be a secure base for nail paint. It is a decent investment and will prove to be a pragmatic one in the future too.

The Glass Skin Primer by Makeup Revolution is a drugstore product, but the finest at that. It maintains the dewy glow and plumps it up too! Don’t forget to grab one of these babies at low prices on your next makeup haul!

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