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Gua Sha: Why You Need It In Your Life

Gua Sha: Why You Need It In Your Life

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Gua sha has recently increased in popularity. Many celebrities and influencers have claimed clearer skin, reduced wrinkles, and a sculpted appearance. However, while the facial tool has recently exploded in popularity on social media platforms, the practice is nothing new. It actually predates modern medicine and originated in China, where the stones were once used to treat various illnesses.

The rejuvenation from using Gua sha comes as a result of lymphatic drainage, which helps to reduce inflammation and combat puffiness. Traditionally crafted from stones (jade and rose quartz) the scraping tools are now also being cast in materials such as stainless steel.

While records of Gua sha usage started emerging way back in the Ming Dynasty, it is still a commonly used technique today. Practitioners have found it helpful for alleviating pain as well as increasing circulation and energy flow. Among those listed above, it also helps in the following ways: 

Promotes blood circulation

When you gently scrape the skin on your face with your Gua sha tool, you are stimulating your muscles in those areas. You are also sending your body a signal that this area needs more blood circulation. This repairs old cells and grows new cells giving you baby-like skin.

With regular use, Gua sha can temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines on the face. This is due to the pressure of the tool helping the skin to relax. The yellow coloured tool is budget-friendly, with prices at £10.

Gua sha can eliminate fluid build-up which can, in turn, reduce puffiness in the face. The texture of the stone can help your skin to relax. This helps to make you look fresher in the morning, and more youthful. The moonstone gua sha tool by Monday Muse has little teeth for a deeper massage.

Relieves tension from muscles

By applying pressure with a gua sha tool regularly, users can untangle knotted areas and release built-up muscular tension. This can help in achieving a more toned and fresh-looking skin. 

Gua Sha helps in tightening the muscles of the face. Regular use can help to reduce the appearance of a double chin.  

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Another tip to try alongside gua sha is to look up to the ceiling and make an ‘um’ sound. Pulling your chin and neck up exercises that region and helps to reduce fat. If you are keen to try this technique for yourself, have a look at our recommendations above. Gothamista shows you how to use the tool here.

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