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Summer Cleansing Chronicles 2.O

Summer Cleansing Chronicles 2.O

Dear reader, are you getting Deja vu? Do you remember the first edition of these to you earlier this year? Well… Here’s another one for you!! Glamour, glitter, and the media heavily influence the way we live our lives today. It is what the media projects and what the layman consumes. As a writer, it is my duty to help you form this intricate link between these two objectives. Celebrity chronicles continue and are here to stay for the summer!

Summer brings with it the responsibility to take extra care of our skin in the scorching heat. All cosmetic enthusiasts are aware of the harmful effects of the sun on the epidermis. Therefore it’s extremely essential to understand the relevance of the right makeup products. Next, put these products to use so as to have healthy and glowing skin, irrespective of the climate. What can be helpful in these situations, is referring to our favourite celebrity hacks. These hacks tell us what celebrities are up to when it comes to skincare and a healthy skin rejuvenation routine. 

Summer Suggestions

First, the Posh Lipstick by Victoria Beckham Beauty is exactly what its name suggests. Posh, royal and luxurious is in its appeal and luscious look. The creamy pigment helps provide a hint of texture. I think the lipstick has an underrated quality, not forgetting its popularity having been used repetitively in recent times. This is potentially something for you to discover yourself.

Secondly, the Flower Pots Powder Blush is a trump card if you ask me. It’s probably one of the best blushes on the market today. Drew Barrymore has propagated the product over the years with the influx of gen-z makeup bloggers and social media influencers. Many famous personalities have used the blush and it’s easily accessible online. The pink powder lined with floral essence really makes it a purchase worth it. 

The Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil by KORA Organics is a perfectly creamy and soft creation by Miranda Kerr. An affordable and amazing investment in itself, it is also recommended by well-known fashion outlets like Bazaar. Serving the eternal purpose of skin oils, this product helps cleanse and deeply relieve the skin. Said differently, it avoids dark pores and unnecessary tightening of face fat. A very commonly used product by many famous figures indeed.

Next, the Unrivalled Sun Serum Spf35 by Eleven is probably the most sought-after celebrity-based sunscreen. It has unbelievable cleansing effects. The relief that it provides to one’s skin on an extremely hot day. It is also used as a primer and works extremely well as a thin layer of cold moisturiser. The moisturiser leaves a soft and satin finish on the skin. Venus Williams is the magician behind this potion and I will definitely recommend trying its magic on.

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Re-peat Goods

I have discussed many of the Fenty beauty products at length and this is not me being repetitive. But yet again, I am professing my admiration for another product purely because it deserves that amount of appreciation. Rihanna’s heartwarming and most beautiful creation Fenty has paved its way into the world of lip gloss converts. Fenty’s Gloss Bomb is a must-have in anyone’s makeup kit.

Celebrity products are an inevitable part of the cosmetic universe. It’s easier for celebrities to reach out to the common masses. More celebrity beauty brands and solo ventures should be encouraged.

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