Careers aren’t what they used to be. You don’t have to go to university to make something of yourself. All you need is a dream with a plan behind it. The marketplace has evolved. We’re interested in individuals who have an opinion and want to share it. That is at the crux of what we do here. Embedded in the very fabric of our business is a team that has a great deal of respect for other’s perspectives.

Going to university for years and then leaving with student debt to stay in one job for life is boring. It’s out with the old and in with the new. The new being sseditorial. We are interested in having a healthy approach to work.

When SSEDITORIAL began I always knew we were destined for great things. The team has gotten bigger in over the year and we have the capacity to work with more people. I hope this trend of being able to bring new people into the team continues into the future!

Founder, SAMA.

Our magazine is all about celebrating our differences and showing deep respect for individuals perspective. Our digital platform needs to be curated and published so that our viewership of over 290 subscribers can enjoy our thoughts. Joining us means being unafraid of your own perspective. We like confident artists who can provide a unique take on emerging or traditional industries. Join us today if this sounds like you.

Our careers page highlights all roles currently open in the business as well as future roles that we expect to become available. If you’re interested in joining the team, note which roles you’re interested in and head over to our Contact us page. There is a dropdown menu that you can use to send us a message.


RoleExpected start dateDescription
Assistant Executive Digital EditorSS22Supporting the Editor-in-chief with upcoming articles
Wellness & Lifestyle ContributorSS22Publishing a unique perspective in the wellness and lifestyle space
Editor-at-largeFW22Publishing a unique perspective on what inspires you at the moment
Junior Fashion LeadFW22Editing articles from our fashion and beauty contributors as well as assisting with the overall fashion viewpoint for the month
Junior Editorials LeadFW22Assisting with unique editorials that sseditorial can leverage in the marketplace. This will be a role suited to those interested in fashion photography.
Partnerships LeadSS23Working with the founder and approaching content creators and brands to work together to bring a fresh and exciting take to our marketplace.
Digital Strategy AssistantSS23Working closely with the founder to discuss solutions that can increase our competitive stance in the market. This role will be suited to those interested in project management and problem-solving.