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Doja Cat’s 30,000 Swarovski Schiaparelli Moment

Doja Cat’s 30,000 Swarovski Schiaparelli Moment

Doja Cat arrived at the Schiaparelli show on Monday, the 23rd of January, wearing a Swarovski-crystal ensemble. Fashion week is well underway, with celebrities flocking to the spring Schiaparelli fashion show. Doja Cat has been making headlines in the high fashion community for quite some time, entering the business through her on-stage performances and red-carpet moments.

This year, Doja has taken her love of fashion to newer heights with her outfit.

Doja collaborated with legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath for four hours. It took the team over four hours to get Doja Cat ready to attend the fashion show. Doja was covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals and was an ode to haute couture mixed with sparkle. She dubbed her look for the night “Dojo’s Inferno.”

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The artists began by cloaking Dojo’s hair in a mask before painting her scalp, body, and face red. Next, the team took turns placing Swarovski crystals on her body and scalp. The final touches were to add crystals to her face. Blowdryers kept the crystals firmly in place, with shimmer helping Doja to shine during the night.

The makeup used on Doja was to showcase Pat McGrath labs, the makeup brand designed by the eponymous artist. Plenty of other stars attended the Schiaparelli show including Kylie Jenner and Diane Kruger. What do you think about Doja’s look? Too much or just right?

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