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Chanel’s Cruise Campaign Is Their Best One Recently

Chanel’s Cruise Campaign Is Their Best One Recently

Chanel is a brand that is synonymous with old, white and wealthy women. The cruise collection does nothing to change this widely accepted opinion. This year, Chanel has released their 2021 cruise ad campaign with a twist.

Whilst we all know that Chanel is not the most affordable brand, some still long for their first purchase. Chanel has come a long way since the direct influence of Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Now that Chanel is under the supervision of Virginie Viard, we can see new life and direction being steered by her.

Lola Nicon is pictured in the main article image above, but she wasn’t the only model in the campaign. Taken by Inez and Vinoodh, Mahany Pery and Louise De Chevigny also star in the campaign. I rarely see models of colour front and centre of Chanel campaigns or fashion shows, so this campaign is good.

Chanel Cruise Campaign

Cruise collections are all about relaxing on holiday abroad without any care. This is an interesting conversation because we all like visiting different countries. With the various destinations, we enjoy packing things to help us to immerse ourselves in the culture. Sometimes this can involve shopping for a new wardrobe altogether! When it comes to cruise collections, I like to see directors blur the lines between brand marketing and imagination.

How do you continue to appeal to the masses whilst staying true to yourself? Chanel would prefer to bend you to their ideals than the other way around. It makes selling much easier when diversity and inclusion are embedded in the essence of the ad campaign.

Could this be considered pandering to the fashion community that often feels ostracised? Maybe. But that remains to be seen. Time is the best measure for unjust judgement. Accompanying Mahany Louise and Lola for the ad campaign was Anna Ewers. Due to their popularity, Anna and Mahany are the most notable models out of this bunch. Nonetheless, all models did a fantastic job with this campaign.

The Campaign & Fashion

The Chanel cruise ad campaign felt on trend with the Chanel ethos while bringing the energy of the 21st century. This campaign is front-page worthy on SSEDITORIAL.

The fashion does feel middle-aged targeted, so I can’t imagine it appealing to the sartorially challenged young millennial. Bootleg or wide-leg trousers have been shunned on social platforms for a long time. The chain-link accessories will get over well with the crowd, however. The bags may get over well but won’t be within the budgets of the public.

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