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Chanel Pre-Fall Ready-to-Wear 2022 Collection

Chanel Pre-Fall Ready-to-Wear 2022 Collection

an image of the chanel pre-fall ready-to-wear 2022 collection

When it comes to fashion, I have never been one to understand ‘Pre’ lines. Especially when I consider that there are rarely any pre-summer collections to indulge in. Personally, they seem like a waste of time and counter-intuitive when it comes to humanity’s efforts to save the planet. But then I think about my life as a fashion lover, and I realise how much these collections make sense. The Chanel Pre-fall Ready-to-wear 2022 collection was shown late last year, and I enjoyed it to say the least.

Have you ever had a moment where you look at your closet and think you have nothing to wear? The likely reason is that we will be in-between seasons, and the clothes you currently have don’t accentuate the climate well. Contrary to this point, the reason could be that you’ve purchased items that aren’t in the season, but you’re itching to wear them. Pre-Fall collections fix this problem.

When assessing collections for Pre-Fall, the sweet spot is embracing the cold. Furthermore, they cannot forget that you may be in warmer countries in the lead-up to winter. Many of the coats in this collection were floor-length to maintain the core temperature with slits in the bottom. When it’s cold, it’s hard to know how to dress because the weather becomes deceptively colder in the afternoon. However, bulkier outerwear can overpower your look and make you too hot, rendering coats useless.

The Chanel Pre-fall Ready-to-wear 2022 Collection

Much like the spring-summer 2021 collection, the jewellery here was layered. The tradition of pearl jewellery on Chanel runways is not lost on me. I’m not a big fan of layering necklaces this way, but I understand the need for more. When wearing tweed suits, your jewellery can fall flat. Layering jewellery on top of tweed neatens up your look.

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I really liked the deep purples, blues and reds on the runway. When it comes to fall, I wouldn’t typically wear these colours. But they are perfect for pre-fall! Nonetheless, I can’t help but see the impracticalities of a pre-fall collection. Who has time to add another closet to their closet? For example, in summer, there are specific coats no-one will touch. Pre-fall collections use colour palettes that work in the winter and materials best for summer. No one has the time to fit anymore clothes under the bed.

This collection is the perfect ‘get ready for autumn’ lookbook. It has all the right colours and fabrics that you would expect to slightly rearrange for fall. But it is a collection that I would prefer to praise someone else for wearing. For sustainability, I can’t see myself being exemplary by investing in a new closet. This pre-fall collection is one of my favourite collections in the 21st century that Chanel has produced. It’s a solid body of work from Virginie and makes me excited for the colder months. 



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