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Is the New Dior SS Collection Moving or Mediocre? The Review Is Out!

Is the New Dior SS Collection Moving or Mediocre? The Review Is Out!

Dior has been gifted with designer Kim Jones to unleash their contemporary couture throughout menswear. In late June 2023, this masculine finessed line represented Spring/Summer 2024

Hosted in Paris, we witnessed models elevate from floor hatches, demonstrating every outfit simultaneously. This gallery-type presentation allows no room for surprise and considerably takes attention away from the individual looks. Despite this being a group effort, the innovative choice to display models from rising platforms is an eccentric aspect of this event I enjoyed. This meant the garments were at a standstill display whilst models awaited their turn to walk the runway. 

The Dior Suited Attire

No matter the style, I feel every menswear will collaborate with suited attire, a classic choice included in this line. Accompanying the shirts and blazers is their righteous structure that accentuates a masculine figure. Personally, I believe defined shoulders are a must-have in a collection such as this. With a dash of femininity, it uplifts the means and defines masculinity by outlawing gender expectations through clothing. The fabrication of tweed is a luxurious feature throughout the collection. It gives me the sense of old-lady couture meets classy gent through this positive attribute. Paired alongside cannage and embroidery, the materials collide as a high-end line which is a no-brainer from the likes of Dior. 


The patterns in the knitting are a strong feature that defines a true aspect of haute couture. The concoction of layered patterns has me in awe and is one of my favourite contributions to any fashion line.


Though the majority of the styling is an elite combination of garments, I must say a few of the outfits are questionable, slightly juxtaposed and just not my preference. Considering the styling, pairing the loafers and sliders is a gorgeous consideration that contrasts each other greatly. Though you wouldn’t assume slides hold a chic reputation, they creatively blend within the style. Favourable and divine are the words I wish to attach to the loafers. I am dying to get a pair as they upgrade any look. These Dior loafers come with a sophisticated flare amongst the patterns crafted onto them. 

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The colour selections showcase an array of calm tones, differentiating between light and dark depending on the style. These mild tones combined with the usage of neon colours are a classy pairing that excites me greatly. It takes the prestige quality of the dulled colours and uplifts the creative blend by adding a splash of vibrant colour to appease the eye. In contrast, I am all here for what works on most levels. 

How Dior Accessories

Accessorising throughout a catwalk is necessary to finalise any outfit and draw attention to detail throughout a collection. The addition of hand-held bags is a consistent feature that reinforces the mild accusation of femininity throughout the line. Not to mention, a bag is an essential component of an outdoor ensemble. Another application used to dazzle us is the jewels, casting a spark of finery across the collection. Hand-stoned is an impressive factor that can be labelled as an uplifting accessory. Gotta love some bling! 


To conclude my stance on this runway, I must say it was an overall classic chic line. However, I will not let it endure any additional praise. It’s a smart couture line but with no otherworldly factors. Some of the stylings deflated my opinion, and there was a lack of a “wow” factor, as you might say. However, Dior will always hold as a sharp and solid brand.

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