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Blush Is The Icon This Season

Blush Is The Icon This Season

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Blushes, my dear reader, serve a purpose more than just highlighting your
apples and enhancing your face curves. Oftentimes, we tend to throw our blush away in favour of bronzers. Today, you’re going to find out about those via this article. Let’s discuss those purposes briefly, now.

  1. They add colour to your skin
  2. It brightens your skin tone
  3. Blushes add a weightless coat over your epidermis

If you don’t know, your epidermis is important because it protects the skin from harmful substances in the external environment. I will now discuss 5-6 blushes that are super-affordable and worth you looking up.

Top Blush Picks

The Cloud Paint by Glossier is a smooth gel-like pigment that when applied gives you an appropriate feather-like finish. It also blends well with most products previously applied on the skin, whether it’s contours, bronzers, or highlighters. Whilst this can be a myth to track down at times, it’s worth it due to the minimal effort needed for a great blush.

Next, let’s talk about the Beauty Light Wand liquid blush by Charlotte Tilbury. As Tiktokers of today say, it’s specifically manufactured to bring out your natural skin tone in the best way possible. It is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t settle into pores or solidify over time. It currently stands as one of the most popular blushes on the market today. This blush is certainly an investment piece. It can also be used as a highlighter with a double coat application.

Another eye-catching product is the Daycation Whipped Blush by Bite Beauty. The whipped blush is another product to look out for if you prefer cream blushes over powders. A fairly nuanced take on blushes, it has a non-drying quality that Bite Beauty has become infamous for. It blends easily and gives a satiny look after one coat of application and is extremely long-lasting. It’s a good product with a butter complexion great for most complexions.

Additional Mentions

Hourglass has come up with Ambient Lighting Blush which has a marbleized look and touch. The Hourglass blush is one of the prettiest blush mixes on the market right now in my opinion. Although it’s a powder blush, it is one worth the risk because of its high definition. It is composed of ultra-fine particles which blend of multiple coats easier and according to the likes of the person using the item. It’s also intensely pigmented which also implies its lasting effect and the radiant shine it delivers. Hourglass uses photoluminescent technology which brings forth the silky finish, almost making your entire makeup look effortless.

See Also

The Saharan Vol I Blush Palette by Juvia’s Place is a popular choice amongst Gen Z and recommended by Bazaar too! Acknowledging the need for inclusivity in the makeup world, this product is designed for encouraging and propagating the individuality of all alike. Hence it is beneficial for all skin tones. It is a six-shade palette which is multipurpose and yields true-to-tone results.

Blushes, even though minute, can play a major role in not just making an individual feel confident and accomplished but also delicate and loved by their own selves. Go grab the best one and beam and blush in the summer to come!

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