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Network Building

Network Building

Building a network is important. Especially in today’s current climate where mental health is an issue that needs attention. Building a business network has its benefits, however, what of the times when you’re not being social? You owe it to yourself to stay sane. Building a network of like-minded individuals, who share the same passions as you is important.

For example, having friends who are always reaching a milestone, can cause you to sit down and figure out what milestones you want to achieve. It should not feel competitive, but inspirational. You are all interested in progressing. Whether that means qualifications, getting a new managerial position in your job, or chasing a dream is entirely up to you.

It should not feel competitive, but inspirational


Most of my friends have decided to start a business and I am wondering, what can I do? Well, what can I do? What are my passions? Then I remembered that I have been writing since 2018. I have consistently on many occasions, revamped this site according to my vision. I have different interests, different friends, and a voice that feels more confident to chase whatever dream I am currently relentlessly thinking about. Maybe this is something that I could work on, instead of spit-balling ideas, because I have suddenly developed a case of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Giving people advice comes easy to me because I am always discovering new things. I like to do random research in my spare time, therefore I often come across interesting facts which I can share. This can range from beauty, to finance, to fashion and sports. It’s why SSEDITORIAL is alive and well today.


Building a network for your dreams can be a real-life mood board. Mood boards are used as sources of inspiration. Something which you want to achieve so you look at muses which triggers something within, which normally brings about progression. One in which you see every day, and it doesn’t feel competitive in a mean spirited way. A mood board filled with class, manners, elegance and intelligence. Your innermost trustworthy circle is your network. If they are not inspiring you, you are not going to achieve your full potential.

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Think about the law of attraction. If you think nasty thoughts. You’ll become a nasty person. If you think about trying to find opportunities in every situation. Soon you’ll become one of the best problem solvers on the market. All because of the people you surround yourself with. The people who keep you out of harm’s way, and steer you in the direction of success.

In conclusion, choose your networks wisely ladies and gents. Your dreams and well being depend on it. It is also never too late to change your environment so you can get some brand new inspiration.

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