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Does Anything Stand Out When Online Shopping with Coach?

Does Anything Stand Out When Online Shopping with Coach?

Online shopping has long been a love of mines. Long before the pandemic of 2019, I was a huge fan of shopping online. You can get clothes straight from the factory, unworn and in mint condition. I believe that is one of my favourite things about shopping online in general, not specifically at Coach. I cannot stand purchasing an item from a store and seeing threads out of place or hair on my clothes. Also, I hate makeup stains left from other people trying the garments on. Life hasn’t matured much since the pandemic, but my standards in cleanliness has.

Coach is a premium high street brand. If you’re not familiar with Coach, they recently had Megan thee Stallion feature in an ad campaign. They regularly use Jennifer Lopez too. I haven’t been a fan of Coach for very long, and I wouldn’t really call myself a fan now. However, a few of their designs have caught my attention.

I am a bag person, which is excellent because Coach have nice bags. But something that I saw the other day was this lush shearling coat. I believe the coat is featured in a collaboration with another brand, the name of which I cannot remember at this moment. No worries though, as I will show you below.


Today, I wanted to show you some of my favourite garments from Coach that I saw when I was perusing the pages of Coach. This is something to do if you are a fashion lover and you have time to kill. It saves you from shopping at the last minute when the sale season comes around.

Coach currently has a 30% of sale in motion, but that usually doesn’t grab my attention. The whack stuff usually go on sale, and I am not someone who will spend on an item because of the name of the brand. Maybe for Versace. But not for Coach. So let’s move to the women’s division. Occasionally, I may shop in the mens section, but I don’t know Coach well enough to venture down that path.

Shoulder Bags

Field Bucket Bag with Colourblock Quilting and Badge

I am a sucker for a bucket bag! I cannot explain enough how much I love them. This particular bag is an interesting one though. What is appealing to me is that it is quilted and has a colour block design. The embossing of the ‘Coach Leatherware’ is also attractive from a ‘street credibility’ perspective. So I guess that’s a great start. I’m physically attracted to the bag. Let’s look at its composition. Smooth leather and redefined calf leather. There isn’t much information on the split of smooth leather to redefined leather. For that reason, we’re going to have to pass on this bag.

Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 in Colourblock (B4/Taffy Orange Multi)

Do you want to know where my fascination with this bag come from? It’s the colour. It reminds me of the outfit worn by Naomi Campbell in the Versace spring summer 2022 show. It is such a sexy bag. The bonus is that it is on sale. It is made out of polished pebble leather, and admittedly, I don’t know what that means. But it is enough to make me enquire about the bag at least. Not sure that I would make a purchase, but I would look into this bag a little further. There are other colour that I like such as the B4/Rust Multi.

Crossbody Bags & others

None of the crossbody bags drew my attention. They were all bland and weren’t worth the money, full price or on sale. The same thing goes for the satchels. I’m not sure if this is because I don’t really like satchels or because they were genuinely bland. But yes. They were genuinely bland. Moving right along. The belt bags were also a non-factor. I’m not going to spend much time on it, because just like the range, there isn’t much to offer. The mini-bags, backpacks and clutches are negligible and skippable.

Tote Bags

Field Tote 40 In Colourblock with Coach Badge (B4/Black Oxblood Multi)

This is a dangerous bag. It is a sexy bag. I can clearly see why there are only two left in stock. The dimensions of this bag is absolutely perfect and I would definitely consider taking this bad girl home. Again, I can see this polished pebble leather material being used that I am unfamiliar with. I have to take a pause on this one. Figure out what this polished pebble leather is and then reconsider a purchase. Subject to the tote still being in stock of course.

Coach Signature & Baby Changing

Let’s just stop this conversation right here. No one is interested in child-rearing at the moment so none of those bags appealed to me. The signature bags didn’t really get my gears going either, however, there was one or two that peaked my interest. They are the Field tote in signature canvas with patches and the Field tote in signature leather. The former bag is like the kind of bag a woman would wear who is obsessed with scouts culture. It fells like a bag a ‘cool mom’ would wear when picking up her child from scouts training. The latter bag’s embossment is cool and must feel amazing to the touch. A sexy city alternative to blander tote options.


SLG’s or small leather goods aren’t my kind of party. I prefer a cheaper option as opposed to premium or luxury versions.

Coach Ready-to-wear

Now here comes the only coat I like and was referencing earlier.

an image of the Coat and Schott nylon shearling coat.
Coach x Schott Nylong Shearling Coat

This coat is made inc collaboration with Schott N.Y.C. Shearling coats are warm coats and don’t need large amounts of layers underneath. Comparatively, that is the bad thing about shearling coats. Due to them being so warm, you’ll wear thin layers underneath. When you take your coat off, you’ll freeze whilst acclimating. The colour is wheat and makes it all the more delicious. The neutral tones can go with anything and give off the impression of a toastier vibe. The ultimate two birds with one stone scenario. This coat is a little outside of my budget, but with a 100% shearling makeup, I understand why. That’s okay though. We’ll continue to save until we go shopping and can buy it. Subject to the coat still being in stock.

I did see this short dress that I thought has pretty detailing. The bonus with this dress is that it is made out of 100% cotton.


I’m going to dismiss everything else that is available online at Coach because it’s not appealing. I was a little disappointed in the shoe range, but we all have our limitations. I’m not really going to bother with the accessories because, I have a pretty compact list above. I don’t think a markup on a necklace from Coach is really going to make me rattle my coin purse.

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