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Does Your Makeup Kit Need An Overhaul?

Does Your Makeup Kit Need An Overhaul?

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We are experiencing a new season which means that some of our products won’t be used again until spring. As spring is a while away, that can leave our makeup kit very boring. Our favourite products no longer fit into the vibe of the colder months, and we want to go on a shopping spree. Well, if this sounds like you, you may need to overhaul your makeup kit.

Are you somebody who likes painting your face with a little of this and a little of that? Do you have that impatient bug awaiting some brush and bling? Are you yearning for that perfect antidote to dark circles? I’m here to tell you that all your prayers have been answered!!!

Humble beginnings

Using make-up is a hobby for some and a passion for others. For the passionate, makeup is an art that requires the right knowledge of technique and tools. This article will be your step-by-step guide that you can refer to, every time you have any doubts and queries about the whole process. We bring to you the crème de la crème, the best of the best!!

Cleansers for your kit

Let’s begin with a skin-friendly cleanser that helps prevent acne and dead skin simultaneously ensuring a replenished skin tone. Say hello to the F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial by Drunk Elephant. Recommended by reputable sources, this face mask can be used to clear your skin just before applying makeup. Next in line is the moisturiser, which I think is the most important.

Moisturise & Conceal

Cetaphil by Nestle Skincare is a highly reliable moisturiser especially
when it comes to affordability, the reduction of dark spots and maintaining your soft glow.

Dark Peach by Bobbi Brown is here to conceal all your dark marks and make you shine through. To get the inch-perfect one is a herculean task but this one matches almost all skin tones and also works as a makeup primer.

Foundation & Application

Vitalumiere by Chanel comes in 10 shades for the foundation range. Whilst it is not the most competitive line (Fenty Beauty with 40), it is still one of the finest. Also for every girl that loves beauty, a Chanel purchase is certainly on your wish list. Foundations are much easier to get a hold of compared to bags, so why not start small?

Then come the brushes and the blenders which have the most
variety when it comes to cosmetics. The Glow Professional Wooden Handle Makeup brushes have been crafted in a traditional wooden design which gives your kit a royal look. The bristles are well-spaced and give a smoothly blended look but make sure you clean them every four days as that guarantees long-lasting effects.

The Maybelline New York Facestudio Makeup Blender is the most comfortable blender. It is washable and cushions the skin well ensuring seamless application.

Eyes for the kit

Clarins has created The Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette and it totally lives up to its name! Giving your eyes a detailed and defined finish, the textures have their own tales to tell. To get that flawless mascara and eyeliner, the most vouched for is the
Voluminous mascara and the Chanel cream eyeliner. Eyeliners, as we all know are both liquids and in pencil form, so choose it or lose it.

We will now head over to blush, bronzer and highlighter palette, and there are no two ways about the Sephora Collection. It not only gives you the satin, dewy look you’re internally craving but is also an amalgamation of the shimmery shades. It is combined with an eye-shadow palette which is their signature one!

The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look of Love is also something to go gaga over. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette has its fan base and you will turn into one as it is the perfect combination of bold and bright, garnished with subtle and nude colours.

Lips & Removal

How can we forget lipsticks and tints? Casablanca by Tom Ford and Dragon Girl by Nars are the two we recommend for you. Bobbi Brown Face Mist will help you set it all up at the very end.

Last but not least is the make-up remover; micellar water wipes or
Cetaphil’s removal wipes work well for cleaning out and give you supple and rash-free skin. Use this as a guide for some of the best products on the market today for your makeup kit. Be sure to do your research and find the best products for you. Just bear in mind that you always want to look presentable and ready for the new season. Not someone who always lives in the past, or can’t function during certain times of the year.

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