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Fall For Foundations This Season

Fall For Foundations This Season

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Fall, also known as autumn in Europe, brings an array of exciting new products to revitalise your life. We all know of the importance and cruciality of bracing yourself in the finest way possible for the season ahead. Whether it comes down to new additions to your wardrobe or better makeup options, there will definitely be a shift in your regimen. As we make our way through fall, our choice in foundation lays the basis of our makeup routine. I want to take you through the best foundations that are the talk of the town right now.


First up is the Maybelline New York Dream Radiant Liquid Hydrating Foundation. The aforesaid has been in the spotlight for quite a while now and still continues to be the top priority of all cosmetic lovers. The lightweight density of the foundation renders a 12 hour, hydrating coverage.


Next, we take on the fall season with MAC. The Mac Studio Fix Fluid is known for its luscious effect and skin-friendly matte look. Along with blending well with other applications, it circumcises the skin with SPF15 protection and has medium to full coverage. It is an apt choice to make for those of you who are worried about excessive oil and flaky skin.


Essence Pretty Natural Hydrating Foundation is next on our list and is recommended by many beauty lovers alike! It gives a photo-friendly look and grants a moisturising effect, perfect for dull skin.

This inherent effortlessness is born of the composition of glycerin and sodium hyaluronate. It plumps your skin and gives it a natural and healthy glow.


L’oreal True Match Foundation is another dermatologist-approved liquid foundation that can be used as a moisturiser or a cream. Consisting of Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E; it promises flawless coverage and nourishes your skin with a breathable and blendable crust without making it look cakey. A girl’s favourite dream.


Revlon Colorstay Makeup is a well-claimed highlight in the drugstore makeup world. It’s cost-effective, it grants a stay-true colour and is available in a wide range of shades. With its non-streaky touch to one’s skin, it is ideal for combination and oily skin.

Along with being a feather-light fluid, it is also stays put for long hours and can be used as a concealer for pores too.

Rimmel London

We cannot talk about foundations and not discuss Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It is a unique powder that’s available in a range of shades that delivers a soft, dewy look to your face. One of the rare powder mixes that do not give off a cakey appearance but blend smoothly.

Black Radiance

Last but not least would most definitely be the Black Radiance Colour Perfect Foundation Stick which is the best choice for dark complexions and skin tones. This amazing creation caters to issues like dry and flaky skin, dark spots and pores and provides a velvety charm as well.

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Foundations are responsible for being the backbone of the cosmetic universe and they play an integral role in making a mark. We all have our favourites but don’t forget that in the fall, the weather gets colder. You need foundations that contain a level of moisturiser, so don’t be afraid to give our list a go.

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