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Show Castings Are Coming to SSEDITORIAL RUNWAY

Show Castings Are Coming to SSEDITORIAL RUNWAY

As I take on my new role of Creative Director of SSEDITORIAL, I often ponder what I can do to make the user experience better. Many readers are interested in improving their knowledge in the world of fashion and I want to make that easier. I had stepped down from Runway Director in October 2022 after gaining much traction for the brand. As a runway specialist of sseditorial, I can see that there. s thirst in the market for models. Show castings are a great way to reach more subscribers.

For this reason, I am introducing an extension to the sseditorial runway brand that includes castings.

What are castings?

Castings is a snapshot of top models who book runway shows after go-sees. Go-sees is what we call the process of a model “auditioning” to be casted in a show. Some of the models will be recognisable but others won’t. That’s why sseditorial runway is creating the bandwidth to support learners.

My initial expectation for the castings segment is for it to inform our subscribers as opposed to us describing the process of casting. The section is ideal for readers who want to find out the name of a specific model that caught their eye at a show.

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Head over to the castings section now and be sure to subscribe to the magazine. That is the best way to be notified of all models walking in upcoming and previous shows.

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