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Fashion school is a section of the magazine where we teach you about key buzzwords, acronyms, models, designers and the seasons. Think about all of the times when you see lovely images, but don’t understand why the content is going so viral. We’re going to break that barrier down and get you up to speed.

Bridgerton Has Made Us Fall in Love With Regency Fashion

History and details of the Regency Era Fashion as seen on Bridgerton.

a model walking a catwalk during Paris Fashion Week (PFW 2023)
PFW 2023: Paris Is Going To Be Beautifully Crazy!

The Paris Fashion Week 2023 Schedule.

A woman is walking in Milan during MFW 2023.
MFW 2023: Your Useful Guide To Best Navigate Milan

The Milan Fashion Week 2023 Schedule.

LFW 2023: Your Guide To London’s Best Collections Now

The London Fashion Week 2023 Schedule.

an image of a model walking in nyfw
NYFW 2023: The Only Shows You Need To Watch

The New York Fashion Week 2023 Schedule.

Raf Simons Steps Back From Fashion

Stepping back is acceptable.

Greenwashing Needs To Stop, Now!

Boohoo & Kourtney’s “sustainable” campaign.

Coperni SS23 & The Future of Clothing

Is spray here to stay?

Regencycore: Back to Bridgerton

Thank you, season two.

Premium Fashion Brands | Fashion School

Is premium where it’s at?

High Street Brands | Fashion School

Shop until you drop.