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Discover Your Favourite Body Spray Now

Discover Your Favourite Body Spray Now

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Adding a great scent is like adding the finishing touch to leave you feeling ready to face the day. Whether you’re getting ready to go to work, to go out, or just for a relaxing day at home. Perfumes are the obvious choice, but did you know that using a body spray can give a similar effect without the hefty price tag?

Body Spray Vs Perfume

When confronted with body sprays, mists, and perfumes, it can seem overwhelming to work out which one would be best for you, but the difference is much simpler than you would expect!

Body sprays (or body mists) are made mainly of water or alcohol mixed with a small amount of fragrance. The fragrance serves to give a much lighter and more subtle scent than a perfume would. Perfume, on the other hand, is made up of a higher concentration of fragrance oils mixed with water or alcohol, so it is more intense.

The scent of body sprays doesn’t last as long as perfumes owing to the lower concentration of fragrance. However, the upside is that sprays are very cost-effective. They are a great buy whether you’re watching the pennies, or you simply don’t want anything too overpowering.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to choosing a body spray, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together a helpful buying guide to help you work out which would be the best one for you.

Consider Your Scent Profile

There are many different scents used in body sprays – far more than we can list here! However, these can be broken down into different “profiles” to give you a better idea of what the overall fragrance is like. These profiles can be mixed to create a scent or with more depth or used on their own.

Fruity Sprays Are Sweet & Fun

Perfect for the spring and summer months, fruity scents are bright and bursting with juicy berries, mouthwatering stone fruits, and soft orchard fruits. They are light and fun and can add a blast of sunshine to even the dreariest of days.

Musky Aromas Can Be Richer and More Exotic

Body sprays with a deeper, muskier scent can give you a bit of an edge and can give the illusion of a much more expensive fragrance. They are richer and fuller and can form a beautiful base note when mixed with other scents for a stunning result. If this sounds like your type of fragrance, look for scents such as white musk, patchouli, sandalwood, ginger, and cinnamon.

Fresh Sprays Are Versatile & Uplifting

Fresh and clean fragrances are, well, a breath of fresh air! They smell light and breezy like a walk on the beach on a summer’s day. They are amazingly versatile, can be used for pretty much any occasion, and are a great pick-me-up if you’re feeling low. Typical fresh scents include pine, lemon, lime, grapefruit, herbs, cedar, and bergamot. 

Floral Sprays Are Timeless & Elegant

Floral scents are what spring to mind when you think of perfumes and sprays. This is owing to their popularity and how widely they are used. Aside from more traditional scents like your gran’s Yardley’s Lavender, they can also be fantastically modern and vibrant so there’s sure to be one to suit you. Look for fragrances such as peony, rose, lavender, jasmine, and lily of the valley.

We have a few of our favourite scents below for you to try in the lead-up to summer.

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