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Proactive Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Wardrobe

Proactive Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Wardrobe

Sustainability in fashion has never been a hotter topic than it is right now. The fashion industry is responsible for an awful amount of waste and is one of the worst industries for the environment. As a result of this, it becomes our responsibility to find more sustainable ways of improving our planet. Here are my top three tips on how to proactively incorporate sustainability into your wardrobe.


I am a true believer that education is the key to everything, and sustainability is no exception to this practice. It is crucial that we educate ourselves on the damage to the environment caused by the fashion industry. We, as consumers, buy into fast fashion. So, an understanding of our personal responsibility as consumers is equally important.

Educate yourself by researching the brands that you shop with and their environmental policies in particular. Be aware of greenwashing and learn new techniques on how to improve your sustainability as a customer. This is the first step in being able to make a difference within your own wardrobe that can wholly impact the environment.

Put thought into your purchases

When shopping it is important to be considerate of your purchase. Not only for the sake of your personal style but also for the environment. It is crucial that you consider how your new items will work well with your existing closet. If you have pieces that do not showcase your personal sense of style, you will not wear the new items as much as you thought. Go shopping with an idea of what you already have in your closet. This is a great starting point for building a truly versatile and lovable home collection.

Quality is another important factor when shopping. Investing in an item that will wear quickly and need replacing soon is not going to be a sustainable option. It is also a less financially viable option than investing in good quality products that last. Livia Firth famously began the #30Wears campaign which serves to promote taking the wearability of items into consideration when you shop. In essence, if you can’t envision yourself wearing it thirty times then you probably shouldn’t invest in the item.

It is also important to consider whether or not you think this item could withstand thirty wears. Your clothing should be of better quality as you are choosing longevity over impulse. 

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Opt for a capsule wardrobe 

Capsule wardrobes inherently promote sustainability. A capsule wardrobe limits you to a specific number of pieces with a “one-in = one-out” policy. This changes the way you shop as you need to consider if the items that you are buying take up one of the precious spots in your wardrobe. You will have to shop for items that you truly love and pass the wear tests. It also means that you donate or recycle your rarely used items. It’s 2021. Do not leave your items sitting at the back of your wardrobe gathering dust.

One of my favourite parts of a capsule wardrobe is that they are as strict or relaxed as you decide. You should treat the process as more of a guide than a strict regimen. 

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