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The Charm Bracelet | Fashion School

The Charm Bracelet | Fashion School

Charm bracelets have been around for a very long time. First came the bracelet which was not fancy like the bracelets we see today. Bracelets were made out of anything. From shoelaces to pieces of string and even plastic. Friends would give them out to each other as a signal of life-long friendship, and lovers would give them to each other as a sign of partnership.

Next came the wave of capitalism and trying to find new and inventive ways of making money. Africa is a continent rich in both natural minerals and diamonds. The latter is used to embellish many pieces of jewellery today. As the jewellery is incredibly expensive, most diamond bracelets are sold in the women’s range with a plethora of charms.

Charms became an important piece of the puzzle by way of tourism. When family and friends would travel abroad, we would often ask them to bring back a souvenir for us from that place. Oftentimes, if you had a thoughtful enough loved one, they’d bring you something back without you asking.

An image of a charm bracelet by Stephen Einhorn.
Stephen Einhorn

They would come back from their holidays with key chains, whistles and other trinkets. We’d put them on our keys and tell those who ask that it was a gift. But what about those who can’t go on holiday?

Tifanny’s Charm Bracelet

Some of the biggest jewellery names in the business aren’t all known for their charm bracelets. What comes to mind when we say ‘charm bracelet’? Or, who comes to mind when we say ‘charm bracelet’? It’s Tiffany & Co., isn’t it?

It’s a basic fact that Tiffany’s primary audience is women who can afford to splurge every now and again. Therefore, the easy answer is that you can never be too old to acquire a charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are like tattoos, very personal and only make sense to those who won them. No one will understand why you have a flag of France as a charm bracelet and you have never been, but you enjoy it.

Similarly, charm bracelets remind you of the things you enjoy the most. Not just diamonds, but of animals and places. The initials of the names of some of your favourite people.

In the playground, children would intertwine plastic with different colours and give it to their friends. We’d never take it off as a sign of respect, but also as a sign of community.

The best charm bracelets are always handmade. But who can resist a little sparkle in the name of love?

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