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Tom Ford’s Fall-Winter 2021 Collection

Tom Ford’s Fall-Winter 2021 Collection

The Only Looks You Need To Know

We have come to the time of year when the designs we saw on the spring runways are supposed to influence our closets. Tom Ford has long been a sartorial mastermind of fashion, so we are more than excited to review his collection. The fall (autumn in Europe) season sees many blacks, and shades of brown appear in our outfits.

Velvet Double-Breasted Coat

Our first favourite look is the first from the collection. Velvet isn’t the warmest of fabrics but sure does make for an interesting twist. As black is such a universal shade, adding in variations of fabric is the best way to go. This oversized coat with gold detailing can house bulk clothing underneath. What the fabric lacks in warmth, it makes up for in layers.

Jersey Ruched Mini Dress

Our second favourite look comes fourth in the lineup. Mini dresses and the colder months do not mesh well. This mini dress is too good to pass up. If you can’t wear it during the winter, and least save it for the summer?

Cashmere Peacoat

Thirdly comes arguably the warmest fabric in the world. Peacoats are one of the most fashionable styles of coats along with Trenchcoats. They can be dressed up or down and matched with anything. The fact that this coat is made out of cashmere is the biggest delight of all.

Silk Georgette Mini Dress

This lilac silk mini dress is a swanky little number from Tom Ford. With detailing around the midriff of the dress, the number is bound to turn some heads. Lilac can be worn during the fall season is matched well. We suggest deeper reds with this dress to keep it in line with the season.

Silk Georgette Evening Dress

Finally, we come to our last but not least favourite look. Similar to our previous lilac number above, we have a black alternative. We love full-length gowns that stray from the norm which is to be simple. This evening dress comes with embroidered tulle inserts which you certainly won’t find on the high street.

Tom Ford has a good eye for detail when creating women’s fashion. Luckily for us, we always have something to aspire to when curating our fall and winter closets. The dresses from Tom are never basic and always push the boundaries when it comes to femininity. View the gallery for all of the looks.

This is not an exhaustive list as to our recollection, there are approximately 39 different looks in the collection. But again, as per our taste, these are the only looks worth knowing from this Tom Ford collection.

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