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Acne Studios SS24: We Don’t Want The Shoes, But We Would Love All Else

Acne Studios SS24: We Don’t Want The Shoes, But We Would Love All Else

  • I have been DYING to write about this daring collection by the works of Acne Studios! You will find it is a fulfilling meal for your fashion appetite.

This Swedish luxury fashion house has launched its 2024 Spring/Summer collection. This line could come under climate change because it is majorly hot! With the Acne backronym Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, the expression of this collection is a unique approach to a sensational summer. 

Gender roles are nonsense, and they have been packed in a bag and thrown down the stairs by the in-house team at Acne. Models wear various garments that reach masculine and feminine expectations, making this “menswear” a unisex fashion pool. Exploring clothing with a unisex underlay is a more freeing and expressive touch to any brand and one I respect eagerly. It is a refreshing feature that I believe uplifts most brands. 

The Variety of Structures by Acne

Acne graced us with various structures as they represented elongated wear alongside grappling leg warmers and cropped tops. This blend of form is an intelligent aspect across an entire line, especially keeping us on our toes within styling. The baggy applications are a modern trend that is a must-have for any recent line. 

The exposure of underwear is an accomplished form of expression that adds to the alternative and quirky aspect of the brand. Not to mention pretty sensual. Who doesn’t love a cheeky underwear flash? 

A Concoction of Colour

Alongside the structures, I cannot see clear relations between garments, but this isn’t necessarily bad. It is an assortment of styles that reach streetwear and alternative genres. Genres that I definitely find comfort in. A vast selection of colour enlightens this collection, unfolding excitement and stylish variety. A colour-coordinated collection is one thing, but a concoction of colour is even better! Speaking of colour, I adore the inclusion of different skin tones that juxtapose each other entirely. This is a satisfying and artistic attribution to the shoot that shouts inclusivity and allows for refined photography.

Each layered ensemble combines a collection of garments and embraces the alternative style accomplished. This grunge ready-to-wear line is a statement in itself, escaping the “norms” of spring/summer menswear and forming a captivating set of outfits. 

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The Negative Side

The single negative connotation considering this collection is the selection of footwear. There are twenty-seven looks, and I only favour one or two pairs of shoes styled. The outfits themselves uphold a tremendous amount of finery. However, they are let down by the underwhelming shoes. The looks, therefore, carry a casual element due to the shoes, and despite being elaborate for hotter weather, I am not a fan of the sandals. Nevertheless, they do not sway my opinion on the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

One of the favourable aspects that caused such interest is the distinctive factor of only applying one suit to the collection. Despite formal men’s attire having a classy loyalty to suits, it is revitalising not to be bombarded with such normality. Traditional limitations are tested throughout this line, and I cannot fault this. Why, as a society, should we follow norms when we have free creative reign? Such things should be questioned and trialled by artists, which truly steals my attention. 

As for the overall composition of looks, I am in awe. The entire collection features a solid uniqueness that exploits the alternative creative mind. Acne Studios is undoubtedly a fashion house that is anticipating the ever-changing trends. With the application of thinking outside of the ordinary, we are gifted with a modern summer.

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