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Bold and Beautiful: Kingwen Huang’s 2018 graduate collection

Bold and Beautiful: Kingwen Huang’s 2018 graduate collection

Let’s focus on Claire Qingwen Huang, a Shanghai and London-based artist with a genius eye and skill for fashion design. Huang was recently involved in London Fashion Week, which is where I came across this talented designer. However, in this article, I want to draw your eyes towards Kingwen Graduate Collection produced at Central Saint Martins. This is where she created a mouth-watering line that instantly fed my appetite for fashion.

Inspiration and Reference

For her unveiling video, we see the models gracefully prance and pose to show off this gorgeous line. The looks shout everything fairy tale and art, which just so happens to be the key theme to her project. Qingwen’s choice of models fit perfectly with the theme. This is because they represent a somewhat fair portrayed woman with feminine and angelic features of a renaissance-painted lady. Never steering away from her interest in showcasing females and the feminine form.

The concept overall reminds me of Renaissance paintings. And the gracious women were straight out of a piece of art. The atmosphere shows that Huang researched the visual effects of oil paintings. She especially focused on how the media dance on the canvas. For this reason, she created swirling textures that blend colours in a fascinating way. She also found inspiration from curtains and sunlight, studying the way the light hugs material and passes through it.

Colour and Structure for Kingwen

The bold reds coupled with the pastel cool tones are one of my favourite aspects of the line, with the tinted shades bringing out the bold hue of the red. The colours were incorporated to act as soulmates, and Huang knew this would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, especially my eyes! I am in love with this collection, and I am truly inspired. 

The inspiration of the painting movement transformed the structure of the garments in the form of abstract features. This was done through the flowing fabric and the sheer materials used. The sheer fabrics remind me of the thin application of paints. Ultimately, the photoshoot pictures give me an essence of when you dip a heavy paint-drenched brush into water. They resemble the way the paints disperse into a spiral of colour. This particular avant-garde structure may seem like a chaotic form. However, most people with an artistic eye would be able to see the eccentric representation and abstract flare. Very intelligent, very thought out. 


As a makeup artist, I can appreciate the selection of applications. And how each of the model’s characteristics is amplified with the gentle yet eccentric makeup. The combination of abstract application with the use of colours is a great example of how to couple your looks with artistic paint. This combination elevates the looks rather than distracts you from them. The models also have relevant props and hair pieces that coincide with the overall looks. This choice created further elaborate avant-garde techniques, with the giant floral props and the pearled wires attached. Show-stopping if you ask me! 

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Fabrics and Thoughts About Kingwen

The mixture of fabrics really emphasises the sheer work and technical talent Huang possesses. I am a massive fan of her work, especially after researching this collection, which is my favourite I have come across since diving into the fashion world. Her line from London Fashion Week this year just didn’t hit the same compared to this extraordinary project from 2018, which is a great shame, but I also can’t blame her. Once you’ve reached the top, where do you go from there? 

In conclusion, I am incredibly impressed with this line because of the mass amount of detail, creativity, attention to research and theme and the impeccable production of every single garment. To top it all off, we can’t forget the photo shoot being absolutely beautiful. Congratulations, Qinweng Huang; you have won me over and definitely inspired me as a fashion student.

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