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Everything You Need To Know About the Fendi SS 2022 RTW Show

Everything You Need To Know About the Fendi SS 2022 RTW Show

an image of the third model in the fendi ss rtw 2022 runway show

The fashion industry has just poured its hearts out with a host of spring-summer 2022 collections. Every year in September, most if not all fashion houses put their designs on display months in advance to help us with our wardrobes. This year Fendi let it be known that white should be a staple in our closets. Furthermore, we shouldn’t be too hasty to put our faux fur coats away.

The Italian fashion house delivered an array of neutral designs for our closets. The excitement of every look stole the show! From fringe to silk, to fur, the Fendi show had it going on.

One thing that is worthy of note, is the use of the ways the handbags were displayed. Somewhat similar to the Chloè show, the handbags were worn on the shoulder in prime position for viewers.

Secondly, we were thoroughly impressed with the diversity of the show. The casting by Shelley Durkan was spot on. None of the models looked out of place, and every look was cohesive. The hair and beauty of the show were modern and with the times. Similar to the Versace pre-fall 2019 show, all looks were part of a collection but were realistic as opposed to escapist.

For example, in real life, many of us may work in an office or be in education. We will either all wear business-appropriate attire or look like students. Our hair won’t all look the same but you will note that we work for the same company. Our clothes won’t match but you will note that we are all students.

The Fendi spring-summer 2022 RTW show re-imagined spring-summer for us all.

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An image of a model walking in the richard quinn fall-winter 2022 fashion show.

Bags from Fendi

It was important for Fendi to re-create the Fendi First, Peekaboo and Baguette. Kim Jones wanted a fresh and modern take on the Fendi bag to bring the brand into the 21st century. The “Fendigraphy” was a new addition to the collection.

It is an evening purse that is practical and meant to be fun. Silvia Fendi was the mastermind behind the new Fendigraphy, which is selling out as a fan fave.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the show, watch it here.

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