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Issey Miyake and the Home Plissè Collection Is the Ultimate Revelation of the Season

Issey Miyake and the Home Plissè Collection Is the Ultimate Revelation of the Season

An image of a group of men half way down a fashion catwalk in Issey Miyake spring-summer 2024 designs.

Issey Miyake’s spring-summer 2024 menswear event happened in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs. Everyday, One of a Kind, Now and Hereafter was the Issey Miyake Spring Summer 2024 Collection title. A homage to their original design techniques established by the manufacturing of pleating. It is a perfect scene to lay down the runway, and I mean that literally. 

Issey Miyake models create the catwalk for the show models.
© FirstView, Caption: Issey Miyake models create the catwalk for the show models

Fabric from Issey Miyake

When scouting for artistic means, I expect a certain level of surprise or showmanship. Miyake succeeded in showcasing this performance aspect of the event. The team dressed in all black and unveiled a long strip of pleated fabric to begin the show. This was a direct link to the theme of the original design, which was then cut to reveal hidden garments. Said garments were our first look into the line, demonstrating the simple silhouettes.

Issey Miyake suspends t-shirts above the show models.
© FirstView, Caption: Issey Miyake suspends t-shirts above the show models

A preview or foreshadowing feature is applied above the guests’ heads as clothing items are hung high from the ceiling. This is not a revelation of theatrics. However, it is a somewhat “cute” inclusion to the show. They appear levitating due to the thin wire. However, I’d prefer it if it resembled washing on a line. A washing line adds more character and relates more to the summer aesthetic. Food for thought.

Miyake Explored Pleating

The beginning selection of models strutted this catwalk without a complete outfit. Then, the team members dressed them. This detail of the show was an admirable attribution that established a unique aspect. It was interesting to see a glance at the model process.

Across the manufacturing, Issey Miyake represents the exploration of pleating vertically and horizontally. The lightweight fabrics offer a chic wear of the horizontal pleating, allowing it to fall in particular ways. Satisfying ways. This simplistic structure is spread across the collection in representation that “less is more”.

© FirstView

An uncomplicated form will either be a fan favourite or a ferocious flop. In this case, it could go either way. A fair few of the looks are casual attire, whilst others hold an aspect of refined fashion. This all depends on pattern, structure and colour. We are given a wide spread of each across the collection.

A Juxtaposition of Colours

Throughout the line, Miyake has a juxtaposed collection of colour choices, from calm tones to vibrant colours. These options were a chic hit because they are mostly combined with a monochrome styling. The expressive concoction of colour is a relative reference to summer tones. It is refreshing to witness a collection that hyperfocuses on the brief at hand, continuing the trend of “summer” colours.

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Issey Miyake models wear the eponymous brand's spring-summer 2024 collection.
© FirstView, Caption: Issey Miyake models wear the eponymous brand’s spring-summer 2024 collection

Pattern-printed pieces are usually a hit-or-miss type scenario when it comes to fashion. They can be overwhelmingly ugly or a literal piece of art. Miyake made a divine contribution to the line with the choices of pattern. They unleash a creative blend of colour that emphasises an artistic attribution. I adore the asymmetrical use of the patterns. It sparks an alternative narrative across the collection that differentiates from the monochrome choice. 

Light and airy fabrication is the way to go. These materials are an expensive hand-picked selection. To add to the flowing aspect of the garments, Miyake has incorporated a touch of elongated garments and combined them with the wrinkles, making for a glorious line.

Issey Miyake has completed yet another admirable collection. Despite no striking elements, it remains a sophisticated group of looks. A definite trend-setting brand.

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