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Melke FW23 – The New Name in NYC

Melke FW23 – The New Name in NYC

At recent events, during New York fashion week, we see Melke’s creative director Emma Gage launch this quirky and outward-thinking Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Stomping the runway of Melke FW23 collection at Spring Studios was footwear provided by Dr Martens themselves. This couldn’t have been a better pairing! The abstract combination of colours and patterns of the shoes uplifted every outfit without fail. Dr Martens should be essential to everyone’s wardrobe!

Thought-provoking colour scheme

The entire collection sticks to its theme of coordinated colours, featuring orange, blue, green and burgundy, with the occasional appearance of white and black. This combination of hues brings me to my overall opinion of how interesting this line turned out to be. Considering this is Melke’s Fall collection, it was a friendly wave at the autumn theme.

These choices of colours aren’t typically a chic or commonly used combination in this line of fashion. That is why I think it is a unique asset to a brand that definitely took a different approach than most. I get the vibe of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from this line, and I love it! Especially with the inclusion of bows, ribbons, stripes and spots. It turned something traditionally tacky into a treasure.

Another key aspect that grabbed my attention is the diverse use of models. From androgyny to a variety of ethnicity and a mix of model sizes. In the modern day, especially in such a creative and broad industry, having a wide range of representation is crucial. So, unless there is a particular line and theme, switch up your models and show you make garments for everyone, regardless of size, skin or identity.

Avant Garde Hair and Make-up

We see the model’s hair and makeup presented as another eccentric asset to the Melke FW23 runway. The hair was continuously unorthodox in the way it was styled, with multicoloured eyebrows, exaggerated blush and a variety of funky hairstyles. The hair and makeup artists expressed the models perfectly with Avant Garde hair and makeup to elevate the garments. In addition to the bizarre features of the collection, there are many fruit accessories and patterns, which I believe was a wrong decision on this runway. They come across as unneeded and unattractive; however, that might’ve been the purpose due to the generalised theme of the unconventional outfits. But for me, not the fruit I want to be served.

In conclusion, it felt as if Melke was able to arrange a wide variety of odd patterned materials and fabrics and create a high fashion line, successfully emphasising the beauty and expression of the models in the flattering patterns and structures of the garments. I think this wacky and wild collection didn’t miss when it came to fashion week, and it stood out from the many brands.

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