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Richard Quinn Captivated London As No One Else Did

Richard Quinn Captivated London As No One Else Did

An image of a model walking in the richard quinn fall-winter 2022 fashion show.

Recently, I stumbled upon the stunning Autumn/Winter 2022 collection from Richard Quinn at London Fashion Week. So, I had to address this instead.

Richard Quinn is a British Designer, born, raised, and based in London. The young designer creates Avant Garde garments that could turn anyone’s head – or give you a headache, depending on your preference. Despite only establishing his label six years ago, his work represents a significant portfolio of exquisite and elaborate work.

Not only is he a fashion genius, but he is also an award-winning designer with a critical eye for production and design. He obviously knows how to navigate the fashion industry. His collections are a true statement that defines the line between fashion and art. 

Fabulous Form

Quinn certainly knows how to explore structure in fashion. Notably, I witnessed the varied forms he expresses frequently in this line. When Quinn’s garments hit the runway, I did not expect to see the same silhouette constantly repeated. This is a factor of his work that I respect. I can never predict what he’s going to turn out. From skin-tight leather to blown-out gowns with mounds of fabric, he knows how to keep me on my toes.

Repeating patterned fabric in different forms is an exciting approach to experimentation. Quinn likes to view things in many ways, displaying all outcomes.

Speaking of varied outcomes, some compositions in this collection lean towards the unconventional. An example is the Nun-like outfits draped over models, covering everything but their faces. I haven’t witnessed similar techniques recently though I am unsure if this is something I am a fan of. However, I can respect the unique flare.

Extravagant Pattern

I love his clashing pattern styles, layering a complex combination of colours. The floral prints take a less tasteful design and become hot chic clothing. Floral has never been a preference of mine. However, Quinn understands how to work with loud fabrics, defining his skill for styling.

I fall in love with designers who take something unattractive and turn it into couture. It’s an impressive way of winning me over and why I am now a big fan of Richard Quinn. If we disregard the slick black attire, you will rarely witness Quinn use dull colours in his compositions. Never a dull moment with this designer. 

Hat Heaven

Covering the model’s faces with exuberant masks and headpieces is a feature I adore. Avoiding the conventional use of attractive models because you cannot see their features helps focus on the collection.

Even when we can’t see the model’s face, the focal point is clearly towards the attire, neglecting the models chosen. This emphasises the importance of his garments and the almost ‘club kid’ style of choice.

Violet Chachki 

On this particular runway, we had the pleasure of being joined by Violet Chachki! A queen in her own right, the drag superstar is mainly known for winning RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7. Continuing to powerfully stride in the fashion industry, Violet Chachki is a great representative for Richard Quinn and the perfect choice for this runway. To see Quinn at London Fashion Week is to see iconic figures – not only iconic designs.

Chachki walked a slick latex garment, fulfilling our sexual fantasies and amping up the overall look with a leash attached to a leather ‘puppy play’ model. This attribution to the collection was a mischievous wink at the BDSM subculture – a prominent feature of the line.

The true definition of beauty is pain. If you haven’t noticed, I must draw your attention to Miss Chachki’s waist, cinched to the Gods and showcasing their talent to move organs in the name of fashion. Violet Chachki is commonly known for its 18-inch waist. It would’ve been a total miss if this wasn’t highlighted alongside her garment.

Finally, Richard Quinn’s versatility is exposed thoroughly throughout this collection alone. As a designer, he has an innate ability to fabricate high-end haute couture with an unconventional edge. He is a fashion name you don’t want to miss regarding fashion week! He is Quintessential.

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