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Hervé Legér Fall-Winter 2022 Look Book

Hervé Legér Fall-Winter 2022 Look Book

I have heard of Hervé Legér before. Let’s get that out of the way. But I’m surprised at this collection because I expected a bit more flair. I expected more outlandish designs with an air of luxury. I mean Hervé is a luxury French fashion house after all.

The Collection

The collection has an air of sporty luxe to it. There are a few biker shorts, but the material isn’t that regularly used for exercising. Moreover, the cuts that are used in the designs are certainly not for the gym. Of course, where an item is yours, you should do as you please. But then we have a different conversation altogether about practicality.

Something that I can see in the collection that I think is a huge trend for the fall-winter season is the addition of gloves. Could this be a regency inspired feature that has come about from tv shows as of late? Who knows, but this was certainly a feature of the Versace and A.Potts FW22 collections. The gloves appear to be made out of some sort of cotton material, though I cannot be 100% sure about this without doing further digging.

Fall-Winter Practicality

The cool part about this collection though is that it doesn’t appear to be features of a fall-winter closet. That is what makes it so perfect for the fashion lover. A lot of the knit jumpers are standout pieces on their own. They are destined to turn heads in the office or whatever function you’ll be attending towards the end of the year.

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I must say that this is one of the benefits of having men design women’s wear. Often, women bog themselves down with the practical sides of a function. So much so, that they take the fun out of fashion.


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