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Jason Wu Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Jason Wu Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

The interesting part about this Jason Wu collection is how appropriate for the spring-summer season it appears to be. From the floral tie-dye style prints of the garments to the pleating of the dresses, it’s difficult to see how the collection is practical for the colder months. I must admit though that in a world of tens of runway looks, I’m not upset that this runway show isn’t vast. I think the detailing of the garments oftentimes makes up for the lack of a vast collection. But does that mean this collection is automatically a winner?

The collection

I think the colours that were used in this collection were very fitting and on-trend. There were some really bright pink fabrics used on some of the garments that I thought would be a nice addition in autumn. I’m a big fan of people straying from the norm because it adds character and personality to a mundane life. A mundane life that I am so desperate to escape from most days.

Something that looked good but I don’t think is very practical are a few of the heels. Specifically, the heels with a cage-like effect. They may be cute from afar, but after a point, you have to give it up to sheer willpower. There is nothing like having a difficult heel to walk in, not because of the heel height, but because of its design. These shoes won’t be much fun, because your toes will be poking out in the most unflattering of ways. On the contrary, points go for creativity here. I’m sure there is a target audience for these heels somewhere.

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I particularly liked a few of the dresses that were on the runway. Mostly the dresses had fringing or a tweed-like fabric. The other ones I found to be slightly boring and uneventful. I don’t clearly see from the outset how wearable these items will be during the fall-winter season. It’s not like a lot of these items can be worn running errands for example. If someone does choose to run errands in these Jason Wu looks, I’ll give them major confidence points.


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