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Maisie Wilen Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Maisie Wilen Fall-Winter 2022 Collection

Do you want me to be honest? I am very happy that this collection doesn’t have a fashion show. I don’t think I can stomach another 10-30 minute video on clothes. Sometimes fashion shows can be pretty comical. Luckily for me, Maisie Wilen has come to save me. Not that I’m excited to critique a collection, but I’m ready to see something new. Maisie Wilen Fall-Winter 2022 collection is new to me. Not only is the collection new to me, but the brand is new to me. I have never heard of them or seen them on the red carpet. Something to be clearly praised.

My thoughts

Taking a look at the collection, I have to dismiss the Halloween-esque images and focus on the clothes. This can be difficult at first, but away with the distractions. There are 28 looks in total which isn’t a bad thing for a smaller fashion house. The first look, I must say is nice. It’s a vinyl-style burgundy belted trench coat. Burberry who? No, I’m joking. But if we move further along to look at number three, I like it. It reminds me of the Versace 2018 show in which they styled a swimsuit over a bodysuit. Outside of that, the majority of the collection is ready-to-wear.

Ready-to-wear is something that I look for when viewing a new collection. We can’t live on red carpets every day. Especially when red carpets breed a throwaway nature. Too wasteful for the current environment that we’re trying so hard to save. Where the items in this collection are underwhelming, their everyday wearability makes up for it. I like how wearable a lot of the garments are. It’s easy to incorporate them into a current closet and that makes the collection more desirable.

See Also

There are quite a few items with holes in them. Of course, when I was younger I found this to be very trendy and fashionable. Now that I’m a little older and want multiple wears out f my clothes, they’re not as attractive anymore. Of course, if they tickle your fancy, investigate the collection further here.



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