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5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Wisdom Kaye

5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Wisdom Kaye

We are currently OBSESSED with Wisdom Kaye, a young Nigerian-American model, photographer, director, editor and stylist! This man is a definite fashion genius! His unique eye always leads to a collection of well-put-together outfits, exposing his talent as a stylist. At the ripe age of 22, his natural abilities are an impressive service to the fashion industry and especially have led him to gain a large following on social media. With millions of followers, Kaye can reach many and inspire globally. He was born to strut and style! No wonder everyone knows him as “Tik-Tok’s best-dressed guy”.

Among his many formed collections, I would like to focus on his “High Fashion SpongeBob” series. This is where he transformed the colour coordinations of the cartoon characters and evolved an entire high fashion aesthetic. After months of devoted styling, we were graced with 28 looks based on 28 of the franchise’s characters. From Pearl, Mr Krabs, Squidward and Spongebob Squarepants himself. We were in awe of the outcome of this project. 

The stylist has a mass collection of brands featured in the project, such as Gucci, Boss, EGON Lab, Chanel, Calvin Klein and many more world-renowned names. This wasn’t a cheap combination of garments! Though we all know just because the outfits were expensive, it wouldn’t guarantee the success of styling. However, with Kaye’s expertise, we definitely found this collection landed a major success.

Top Picks From High Fashion SpongeBob By Wisdom Kaye:

Grandma Squarepants

Grandma Squarepants sports a mint green outfit that we can agree has no distinctive attributes. However, the gender bend of the skirt inclusion created an impressive outfit. Clothes have no gender, full stop and Kaye was ready to reinforce this when he styled outfits containing dresses. Kanye designed all female characters’ styles with their feminine attributes. The fluidity of the loose garments and the sophisticated mint colour created this runway-ready look that I am all here for! 

Doodle Bob

Doodle Bob handed us a high-fashion businessman in this stunning grey suit by Egon Lab. The flared trousers and additional overcoat inspired the chic aesthetic that made me fall in love with this overall look. The Jean Paul Gaultier coat was not a needed accessory; however, not unwanted. When added, it uplifted the entire outfit, making it a positive contribution and finalising this gorgeous look. This elongated outfit would be a head-turner in a courtroom for sure. 

Gary The Snail

Gary arguably had the best colour combinations with his pastel character design. With such a varied choice of what to work with, Kaye brought out this chic and classy look featuring every one of Gary’s colours. This overall outfit was a positive attribution, and I want this outfit for my wardrobe. The addition of the Pink Stand Studio coat enclosed the entire look. I would die for this coat! Even down to the details of Gary’s shell swirl mark incorporated on the Gimaguas vest, attention to detail is everything. 

Painty The Pirate

Who doesn’t love a pirate look? Pirates can be a sexy and alternative concept when done right. Kaye pleased me with his Painty The Pirate design, featuring works from Fouquet to Comme De Garcons. With only a few pieces pulled together, you immediately know it is a pirate representation. Less is more in this case. The inclusion of accessories certainly completes the ensemble, leaving this look a definition of a couture pirate.  

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Saving the best ‘till last. My personal favourite look from the collection would have to be the high fashion concept of Plankton. Giving us evil villain couture, we have a concoction of well-matched colours representing the character. Wearing a sophisticated blood-red coat by Kolor,  Kaye blended the colours alongside a draped form. Attention to detail can be appreciated due to the yellow markings on one of the green shirts, constituting Plankton’s yellow scleras. Combined with the high collar and the pointed black boots, we definitely received a taste of “bad guy”. Despite his small posture and lack of evil success, Plankton was represented as a high-class villain, and we are all here for it. 

Even aside from those mentioned, there wasn’t an outfit I didn’t like from this series. Wisdom Kaye needs to continue his craft because we cannot wait to see what’s next!

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