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These Influencers Have The Best Lockdown Style To Watch

These Influencers Have The Best Lockdown Style To Watch

  • This article was updated in April 2023 to reflect magazine changes.
This is an image of a lady in a black vest. It is being used to illustrate lockdown style.

Style is hard to grasp. It is not like fashion and almost nothing like ‘drip’. It takes years to curate, as it is personal to oneself. Even still, style can change due to our culture and age. Since the coronavirus outbreak, most of Europe has been under strict lockdown measures. I wanted to put some love back into our fashion community at sseditorial and show you my picks for influencers’ at-home lockdown style I love.

Xenia Teoh

I’m in love with Xenia’s at-home style. It is very different to her style outdoors, which I call ‘tomboy chic’. She often mixes big-label brands with more affordable pieces to tie her looks together. During the spring and summer months, she adorns herself in pastels with shades, and this winter, she meshes silk tones with stronger blacks. Check out Xenia’s feed for more.

Xenia Teoh is wearing a yellow cardigan and blue jeans. It showcases her lockdown style.

Marj Moore

Marj loves the shade black. Black is frequently used to stitch her looks together, from her boots to her tops. Marj’s style combines relaxed vibes and is ready to leave at the last minute. She will wear an oversized jumper on a Monday and switch to a dress or skirt on Tuesday. Follow Marj to stay inspired by her looks.

Marj Moore wears animal print trousers. This picture showcases her lockdown style.


Eve-Lily is truly a needle in a haystack. She has her own eclectic style and artful energy, which comes across in her feed. Eve-Lily’s feed will turn you into a fashion lover for sure. Her page features powerful reels showcasing what she would wear, sitting in the front row at various runway shows. I love Eve-Lily. She is quickly becoming one of my favourite bloggers. Check out Eve-Lily’s feed here.

Eve-Lily wears a bandana top and orange trousers with beige boots. She is showcasing her lockdown style.

Lydia Tomlinson

Lydia Tomlinson is a minimalist goddess. She has the best neutrals and always teaches her followers to style basics. She also jazzes up staple errand looks with high-fashion accessory pieces to stand out. Lydia and I are similar as she is rarely photographed without jewellery present. To learn more about Lydia, follow her here.

All brown outfit. Lockdown Style by Lydia Tomlinson comprises a brown teddy coat, turtleneck, trousers and calf-length boots.

Katherine Bond’s style is smart casual. As a rule, you should invest in neutral pieces to best copy Katherine’s looks. Katherine has some of the best coats in the business and has some of the most envious boots on the market. Katherine’s style is too good to pass up. Look for more here.

Katherine Bond looks chic in all black—her lockdown style features a knit turtleneck jumper, black leather trousers and knee-high boots.

Amy Draper

Amy Draper is another fashion blogger with neutrals down to a ‘t’. She often mixes beiges with white and/or grey and has some of the best layering styles on Instagram. You should probably head over to her feed now for maximum inspiration! Pinterest at the ready?!

Amy Draper has a neutral lockdown style. She wears a white knit turtleneck, pants and cream boots. She layers a grey teddy coat on top.

Millie Genner

Comfy and cosy. Millie Genner’s style is like the perfect Sunday afternoon. Her knitwear is unreal, and she has the most fabulous bottoms. Millie’s colour palette involves a lot of creams and black, which she uses to draw attention to pops of colour. Check out Millie’s feed for increased inspiration.

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An image of Millie Genner at home. This is her lockdown style; a white cardigan—and matching bottoms.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell’s style is very comfy and chic. She mixes teddy coats with a neutral palette and mixes her knits with leather pants for a casual errand look. Millie’s at-home knits will make you want to make new purchases at the helm! She is a frequent shopper at Zara and lets her followers know where she gets her items. Gaze upon her feed here. We could all learn a lot about style from Lauren.

A photo of Lauren Bell's lockdown style. Lauren wears a white windbreaker teddy jumper, loungewear jogging bottoms and socks.

Remi Afolabi

Remi Afolabi‘s feed is just incredible. I love it so much that I hope to include her in an exciting project in February. She advocates self-expression through personal style, which she has decorated all over her Instagram. Remi doesn’t stick to a specific colour palette, another style benefit. Her style benefits women with darker skin tones, as she trail blazes which colours suit best. She also helps her followers cultivate their style by tagging the brands she gets her items from. Follow Remi’s feed here.

A photo of Remi Afolabi's lockdown style. She wears a brown turtleneck with blue and brown checked trousers. She pairs it with a brown leather blazer.

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