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How To Dopamine Dress This Winter

How To Dopamine Dress This Winter

You may have heard me use the term ‘Dopamine Dressing’ in sseditorial before, as this is a new phrase to describe the bright colour trend in 2022. Dopamine dress means using vibrant colours to express joy and happiness in your clothing and accessories. This phrase came to life mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic and people being unable to go out and get dressed as they would usually in everyday life.

Since the lockdown, forecasts have predicted that bright colours will make a comeback allowing people to express themselves in a new way they were not allowed to before. Bright colours have been proven to induce happy hormones such as dopamine and endorphins, getting people excited about this trend.

So how can we add colour to our closets? If you’re new to the trend and prefer neutral colours, bright colours can initially seem very intimidating. Add colour to your wardrobe by pairing your chosen item with neutral staples to balance the look.

An image of a beige blazer which is a great item of clothing if you want to balance the col0ur you add to your dopamine dress.


I recommend starting small with an accessory such as a handbag or pair of shoes to warm yourself up. Move away from the black bags this season. We’ve all got enough of them at home. Moreover, shoulder bags would leave your arms free to do as they please. Only carry the essentials as per the day’s demands.

Dopamine Dress Blazers

If you want to lean towards clothes that add vibrancy to your wardrobe, I believe a brightly coloured blazer is a great way to make a statement with your look. Blazers are versatile as you can dress them up for an evening occasion or pair it with some denim to make them appropriate for the daytime.


Skirts are also a great way to bring in colour as there are many different styles to suit everyone’s taste. From maxi to mini, it is the perfect summer staple for your closet. Feel free to switch up the fabrics and patterns too. Mini skirts show off your legs, and maxi skirts are a great way to keep you cool in the evenings.

Dopamine Dress Prints

A fun way to include colour is by adding prints to any piece of clothing in an outfit. Novelty and Mod prints are a popular trend right now and are perfect for giving a playful twist to a look.

Power Suit

Lastly, if you want to jump straight into the deep end and go all out, a coloured power suit is the best way to grab attention. Power suits are eye-catching, chic and sophisticated, appropriate for all occasions. If you need further inspiration on power suits, check out Julia Roberts’ 2022 Cannes look in Armani.

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