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Layering For Autumn Just Got Easier

Layering For Autumn Just Got Easier

Trends. As much as we love them, it can be a challenge to get a firm grip on how to pull them off. No matter how easy celebrities and influencers make it look, when it comes down to it, we find ourselves staring at the mirror feeling less than trendy. One such example is layering. From jewellery to clothing, layering adds that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit, transitioning it from simple to chic.  

As we say a reluctant farewell to the summer sunshine and cooler temperatures become the new norm, our wardrobes transform with the seasons. Many of us immediately put away our summer wardrobe and purchase new pieces. However, with layering, you can utilise your summer pieces in the colder seasons and it is much simpler than you might think. All you need are the right elements. 


Blazers, a well-loved staple for any stylish lover of layering. Luckily for us, 2021 has been all about blazers. Bold colours or neutral tones, fitted or oversized, the versatility of blazers is finally being celebrated. Keeping you warm and winning the trending challenge. Whether you dress them up in an elegant outfit (great for the office) or go for an enviously trendy look by dressing them down. Fitted blazers under long overcoats are cosy and unrivalled with sophistication. A more chilled option is layering an oversized blazer on top of a hoodie or sweatshirt, effortlessly adding a touch of style to a  simple outfit. 


The holy grail of layering is found in the turtle neck. These are your best friends when it comes to layering, easy to wear under your favourite summer tops or dresses. Classic neutral colours will go with any outfit or be bold and choose a colourful option. When styling, warm up a dress by adding a turtle neck underneath (also great if you want a modest look). Add one underneath your favourite button-ups when the colder weather would usually leave them at the back of your wardrobe. Nothing could be easier for those of us starting our layering journey than adding a turtle neck to a look that you already love. 


Sweaters; warm, cosy, nothing is more comforting for when the autumn chill hits. However, trying to layer them can be a challenge, looking bulky and removing all shapes from your outfit. An amazing option for the same effect, but removing this issue is a sweater vest. Perfect for layering, these can be placed over a turtle neck or under a blazer to triumph over two trends; layering like a boss and nailing the preppy style in one swift motion. 

Layering the bottom half of your outfit is simple with tights. Now, I know what you are thinking – adding tights, surely that doesn’t count as layering? Yes, it absolutely does! Under a skirt or a dress, they add depth to your outfit without changing the overall appearance too much. Designers have even been fawning over patterned and coloured tights if you are feeling adventurous. 

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The finishing touches to complete the flawless layered outfit comes from jewellery. Despite being one of the most straightforward elements to layer, not enough of us do, put off by the dreaded chain tangle. Small, simple and beautiful pieces of different lengths or styles are key to avoiding this. Whether you choose thin chained necklaces or elegant, simple bracelets, they will level up your outfit with minimal effort. If you are not comfortable with larger pieces, even layering items as small as rings can look incredibly chic. 

Layering is easy to do, and with these tips and tricks, you will be well versed in no time. Go get the Autumn/Winter season without the sadness of saying goodbye to your favourite Summer looks. Layering is taking over the upcoming season, so give it a go.

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