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Let’s Revisit Cannes, Please

Let’s Revisit Cannes, Please

The most stunning Film Extravaganza was recently hosted in Cannes and you are no stranger to that. From Eva Longoria to Deepika Padukone, celebrities and artists belonging to different national fraternities graced the red carpet. As gen-zers would say, swept it and left no crumbs!

As the paparazzi captured every moment of this breathtaking event, I’m gawking at the variety of makeup looks and trends that celebrities went for. today I’m going to share my opinion on what the best looks were.

Deepika Pudone

Sultry & Traditional at Cannes

My favourite look for Cannes 2022 (hands down) was worn by Deepika Pudone. Draped with a golden and black saree, her eye makeup was an attraction in of itself. Going for a simple shimmery blush and a black matte stroke over the eyes sealed the deal for her on the carpet. Her looks throughout the festival included Sarees, Louis Vuitton gowns and medium-sized skirts in the streets of Cannes. All of which were paired with minimalistic and subtle looks throughout.

Julia Roberts

Magical Bling in Cannes

Julia Roberts’ pantsuit was the epitome of all things class has to be my second favourite. The ever-beautiful actor just went for a dignified chic look with just a shimmer on the lips and a tad bit of magic around the cheekbones. Almost creating a no-makeup, makeup look all at once. Her hair was sleekly parted in the middle with the curls harmonising and adding the bling quotient to her appearance.

Bella Hadid

Simple Beauty in Cannes

Bella Hadid went for the classic winged eyeliner makeup look. The ultimate symbol of elegance and grace. Her signature contour stole the show as always but what stood out for you this time was the twirled hair bit on her forehead. Gelled to perfection for her entire look.

Anne Hathaway

Head Turner in Cannes

Anne Hathaway, the Princess bride was the Belle of the Ball. In my opinion, it was probably the most effortless look that I spotted on the entire carpet. It’s her magical aura and the way she wears her smile that automatically enhances her apples. The perfect impact on the audience. The auburn look compliments her simple half-clipped hairstyle and the mascara application is refined in the best way possible.

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Kat Graham

Trend Setting in Cannes

Kat Graham is yet another one of my favourite celebrity looks this year. The royal red paired with pearls and a shiny lip all goes so well together. The ombre eyeshadow mix between the orange and golden colour palettes is like a playful mix of shades that needs to be promoted more. It is highly recommended and eye-catching at the same time. I’ve got to try it!

Makeup in Cannes

Kristen Stewarts makeup team deserves their flowers this year! With reference to her past looks, Stewart has always stood out of the crowd. She often tales up new looks and stylistic challenges that aren’t necessarily popular to the masses. However, this time Kristen’s outfit complimented her dusky eyeshadow. The basic mascara coat adds to the simplicity of it all.

Some new makeup trends came to life at Cannes this year. For example, the similarity between blush and eyeshadows. They were frequently interchangeable this year during Cannes. Reviving the old age delicate techniques made them a millennial trend. As I say, fashion is eternal and so is the fad. Will we see this again next year?

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