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Louis Vuitton Promotes Sustainability and Technology At This Year’s Collection

Louis Vuitton Promotes Sustainability and Technology At This Year’s Collection

The Louis Vuitton 2021 show fall-winter collection was in March at the Louvre in Paris. The fashion industry had to adapt to the pandemic and being closed off from the rest of the world. As seen by many designers such as Prada and Miu Miu, technology was at the forefront of showing off the designs.

Nicholas Ghesquiere began the show with a message to the fans. In essence, he wanted his supporters to know that he appreciated his team at Louis Vuitton. He also wished us all good health and hoped to see us in person soon.

Forty-five looks cascaded down the steps of the Michaelangelo Gallery. Sustainability was on our minds of Nicholas this year. He managed to reduce the number of materials used in the show’s production by 70%. He achieved this by incorporating the sculptures of the museum into the show. Louis Vuitton didn’t drape any material from the ceiling. Moreover, no extras were dressed in Louis Vuitton to add to the show’s atmosphere. This show is a clear improvement versus the fall-winter 2020 show.

Furthermore, modernity has been at the forefront of Nicholas’ designs for a while now. He is a large fan of contemporary fashion and seeks to portray this in every collection. Nicholas focused on Greco-Roman antiquity for inspiration and incorporated drawings from Fornasetti.

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This show was undoubtedly simple compared to previous collections. Consumers were not at liberty to spend their money as they once did. Designers had to think of ways to scale back the show and still present their collections in all their creative glory. However, the soundtrack was very fitting. Louis Vuitton has a good ear for a soundtrack that will provide escapism for the viewer. Louis Vuitton is the Hans Zimmer of fashion. Quiet when working, loud when performing.

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