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You Need To Get Your Everyday Basics From Here

You Need To Get Your Everyday Basics From Here

Everyday basics are easy to shop for if you know where to look. The trouble with fashion is that we can only be sure about the quality of a garment after we buy it, or we read reviews before making a purchase. Luckily for you, I am here to give you the ultimate guide to shopping for your basics. I used to work in retail, and I direct this magazine. I’m in an excellent position to give you some fashion advice, so please take notes.


First up is Gap. The Gap began selling Levi jeans and records when it first opened in 1969 in San Francisco. They have grown into a denim dynasty, with some of the best basic tees on the market. Gap’s tees are soft and durable. I have two white, grey and black T-shirts, which have been with me for over two years. The Gap is a top-recommended brand by myself. What is better is that Gap always has a promotion running. When you go in-store, you will only pay a part price for an item, depending on in-store promotions.


Next, we have Arket. Arket is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands to get my basics. Arket’s basics are made out of organic cotton and last for a long time. It costs more than Gap’s basic T-shirts. Arket should be on your radar. They have unique coats, so start small with their t-shirts to decide if the brand suits you.

The Zara basics t-shirt is shown here. It is a high street brand that is suitable for purchasing everyday basics. The model wears a white V-neck t-shirt.


Zara is an iconic brand known for its fast-paced collection. Moreover, Zara doesn’t spend revenue on promotional activity as a brand. Instead, they spend profits on the production of the new collection. Most of the time, Zara has a release, and it sells out. If you find the item, it is because someone ordered it, and it doesn’t fit well. Zara is a good brand for basics, and the quality is among the best on the high street market.


Everlane is my next suggestion after Zara. It is a new brand to which I have been recently introduced. I like Everlane because of the range of products they have available. But when it comes to their basics, I am impressed with how much cotton is involved in producing their basics.


Finally, we have Uniqlo. Uniqlo has some of the best basics on the high street market. The Japanese brand is well known for its casual wear. I was first introduced to Uniqlo via their coats and jackets range. Uniqlo t-shirts usually are made of 100% cotton, which is excellent. You always want to buy basics that include at least 80% cotton. This means the garment is breathable, which you’ll need as you wear basics for most of the day.

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