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Would You Rather Shop Gianni or Donatella?

Would You Rather Shop Gianni or Donatella?

For over 20 years the fashion industry has mourned the death of Gianni Versace. For those of you who don’t know, Gianni was the creative director who designed the fashion in the 90s for Versace. Now that Donatella has branched out on her own and continued the family legacy, who’s arsenal would you rather purchase?

I personally don’t remember much of Gianni’s designs because I wasn’t alive at the time. I only have archival memorabilia to remember him by. From what I see, the 90s was such a great time for fashion lovers. Albeit, I prefer the culture f fashion today which is much more diverse and inclusive. However, I still appreciate history.

Gianni vs Donatella

Gianni had some of the most well known models in the world walking in his shows. All of them were the original supermodels as well as other honourable mentions. Gianni’s designs seemed to be on the sexy side of the spectrum, which is understandable considering the Versace family is Italian. Coming from England, I don’t know if those clothes are sensible or realistic, but I do like looking at women accentuating their bodies in this way.

Donatella’s designs seem to be rooted in women’s power and technology. I do respond well to the former because I truly believe that real feminine beauty comes from being around other women. There’s nothing like laughing with your friends and bringing your own version of beauty to the table. I enjoy other people’s definition of beauty as it causes me to question my own without a feeling of competition or sexualisation.

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I’m not sure that I can decide. I saw a sense of women’s power in Gianni’s designs too as well as a sexy vibe from Donatella’s collections. If I had to pick it would be Donatella.

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