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The Tom Ford 2020 Collection for Fall-Winter

The Tom Ford 2020 Collection for Fall-Winter

Whoever is in charge of the global branding of Tom Ford is doing a great job. I have never seen a Tom Ford fashion show because I focus on other things. For example, his red-carpet dresses and online content videos where he styles everyday people.

Tom has been a person of interest to me since I first saw videos of him styling men. When I watched these videos, I thought, “if I ever meet him, I literally cannot look like a tramp”.

In these videos, Tom styles ordinary men and transforms their closets. These men were boring! After Tom Ford deconstructed them like a pair of denim jeans and put them back together again, they looked sharp!

It was at this moment I realised that not every fashion designer has an eye for style.

Tom Ford, the Creative Director

Some creative directors are good at just that – being a visionary for what’s to come in fashion and speculating designs. They lack in the styling department and outsource these jobs to a team. 

That is not the case for Mr Thomas Ford. This collection solidified that he has good style and knows exactly how he wishes speculators to view his designs as an entire body of work.

Mr Thomas Ford reminds me of a younger, British Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Lagerfeld, the brand and Chanel are much more feminine. The Tom Ford brand and its’ creative director are more sleek, sharp, and executive.

The Tom Ford 2020 Collection

The show’s diversity was a clear stand out for me. It was nice to see rich colours on dark skin and dresses in black for all skin types. Something else that stood out was that the show was men’s and womenswear.

I do like the separation of women and men in fashion shows. Bringing men’s and ladies’ wear together was an excellent way for Tom Ford to showcase what he had been producing. In the future, I foresee more designers opting to include both genders in one fashion show.

I thought this collection to be a Gucci 2011 vibe with less fur. Tom Ford is a former Gucci creative director insert irony. I say this because of the formation of the runway, the dark show and the way the room dimmed signify a change in the segment. It felt very “guccified”.

A simile that I could not care about, just noteworthy. Taking inspiration from others is fantastic. I am not saying that Tom found inspiration from previous Gucci shows. I do see similarities between the two collections. The collection is mainly what matters and what message the designer is trying to convey through clothes.

Final Thoughts

The styling of the fashion was nice. I specifically liked the way Tom mixed his prints which made me broaden my style horizons. The feather earrings were trendy that I now want because they’re quirky and fun. It’s just the way fashion is supposed to be.

Lastly, I like the attention to detail on the denim was a great addition to 2020, as it is something I haven’t seen on any other designers’ runway. All the denim pieces looked reconstructed, which I liked because it adds an exclusive flair to any closet. The choice to have menswear and womenswear in one show was innovative. It broke up the show’s pacing and gelled very well as a cohesive piece.
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