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Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2022 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2022 Ready-To-Wear Collection

The Tom Ford spring-summer 2022 collection screams over the top in the best way possible. Tom Ford is here to exemplify fashion in all of its glory post a bleak few years of a pandemic.

Pandemic & the Runway

Fashion during the COVID-19 pandemic was all about comfort and neat at-home style. The trend of athleisure and work-from-home appropriate outfits was reactionary to consumer needs. However, Tom Ford’s show contrasted these trends as satin and sequins dominated the catwalk. The show was packed with celebrities and complemented by a Jay-Z soundtrack. Notably, “I guess I got my swagger back” is the perfect summary of the collection.

Non-surprisingly, Ford drew my attention quite quickly. It was one of the more demure looks that excited me the most.

In the sea of colours and sparkles, black looks with gold accessories were part of the collection that was far from boring. The look worn by Cara Taylor, featured a black ribbed top that followed a similar structure to Bella Hadid’s iconic Mugler jumpsuit from the 2018 Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party. The structured torso of this top created a more down-to-earth, wearable and accessible look than Hadid’s nude catsuit. He paired the top with satin cargo pants, as many other looks in Ford’s collection. He played with a mix of causal design and over-the-top materials to redefine smart-casual.

Tom Ford Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

Nova Noordhoff took to the catwalk. The silhouette drew me to this look as it contrasted most of the shapes featured in the rest of the show. Oversized blazers were a staple throughout the SS22 season. Contrastingly, this look featured a shorter blazer with the waist cinched by a belt and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

However, this is not where my interest in the silhouette of the look ends. The blazer is paired with knee-length loose-fitted shorts that follow a similar shape to wide-leg suit trousers. This combination provides a playful experiment with regular workwear and is refreshing following the recent focus on comfort.

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Favourite look of the Show

My favourite look in the collection was a beautifully draping bronze maxi dress with a scoop neckline and dropped armhole.

India Sampson wears a golden dress in the Tom Ford show.
India Sampson walks the Tom Ford show

The way that this look hung on the body of model India Sampson was perfect. The simplistic tanktop-Esque design compliments the potentially overpowering shimmer of the material, making the best combination of casual and captivation. The addition of the dark bronze jumper tied loosely around the hips starkly contrasts the various gold chains and heavy gold bracelets that accessorize this look. Once again, creating a perfect juxtaposition that compliments the dress.

Tom Ford & Fashion

Overall, Tom Ford’s return to New York Fashion Week is a well-needed reminder of life pre-pandemic. The collection is a drastic change from what we have seen in the fashion industry in recent years. Tom gave us a return to vibrancy and glamour, perfect for the nights out we have been missing during the pandemic. Style often serves to reflect someone’s personality. In the year and a half of staying indoors, there wasn’t necessarily a space for the glitz and glamour that this collection provides. Tom Ford’s SS22 collection gives escapism filled with hope for the future.

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