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Niche Jewellery Brands You Need To Put On Your Radar

Niche Jewellery Brands You Need To Put On Your Radar

Jewellery is a large component of a human’s life. Especially for women, as it pulls your looks together in a complementary manner. The Swarovski’s of the world can be out of reach for many, so here are a few brands below to look out for.

Daisy Jewellery

Daisy jewellery is a brand headquartered in London, England. They craft jewellery for the everyday woman which is a treat. Normally, we have to be careful with jewellery as we cannot wear it after perfume or wash items with rings on. Daisy’s products are made from 925 sterling silver and 18-carat gold. This means that your jewellery should last you a few years before they need replacing.

Cosmic Chains

Cosmic is also headquarters in Newcastle, England. It’s based on the Etsy platform, which gives rise to handmade accessories jewellery and custom garments. The brand was established in 2020 and has 3,500 sales. Most of the jewellery is under £20, which is great for everyday essentials which you will rarely find on another.

Neck On The Line

Neckontheline is well known for its water-resistant jewellery. This is one of the great features of NOTL, as you will have no issues with washing up with those bad boys on your fingers. Headquartered in Bristol, England they offer free UK shipping over £40, and worldwide delivery if the order comes to £50. They also sell personalised pieces, which make for sentimental gifts.

RIVR Jewellery

RIVR was founded in 2019 in Hampshire, England and is best known for its logo and trendy styles. Often featuring the Nike swoosh or luxury house initials, the necklaces and bracelets are pieces you definitely need in your collection. The prices range from £10 to £20 depending on what you want. Very affordable for the everyday essentials.

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Peach Jewellery

Peach is a brand headquartered in London, England run by a young lady called Natasha. One of the many reasons to purchase from Peach is because of their beautiful everyday pieces, and that it is affordable. Peach also donates a portion of every sale to various charities chosen at the beginning of the month. This way you can get involved in charity work, and grow your personal collection. Peach offers free shipping with every order, which means you can add more items to your bag without minimum spending limitations.

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