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Saddle Up Cowboy!

Saddle Up Cowboy!

If you’re like me and you’ve been window shopping online, you’ll notice the latest surge in cowboy boots. There is no doubt in my mind that this trend began with Isabel Marant and Ganni, to name a few. 

Fashion trends often begin on runways because designers are the trend setters of the fashion world. They are paid (very well) to predict the future of fashion for the rest of us who don’t care so much. The lovely thing about trend-setting however, is that they are always recycled.

Every few years, our society will challenge our predecessors actions and challenge if those views and policies are helpful or harmful to society today. There are some individuals who enjoyed life the way it was, but this is usually linked to childhood. We were all dependant on our parents, carers and guardians when we were growing up and, therefore, devoid of all need to make decisions. Adult life is a revolving door of decision-making. Mini-skirts was once a political topic that many of us enjoy today.

Cowboy boots are traditionally helpful for people who work with horses. Life influences art, and thus the trend of boots are available on the market today. The cowboy boots available on the market today are made with leisure in mind as opposed to function. So often, the shoes durability range based on materials used and everyday wear-and-tear.

As cowboy boots are niche and still available online, you won’t be able to buy them everywhere. If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curb, you need to begin with the highstreet premium market. These brands will include Zara, Mango & NastyGal. If you’re looking for durability and one of a kind aesthetics, then exploring the luxury market is your best bet.

As mentioned earlier, Ganni and Isabel Marant are great luxury brands with cowboy boots on offer. However, Versace has some stunning cowboy boots available. Especially if you don’t mind shopping in the men’s departments.

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