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We Need To Talk About Spring

We Need To Talk About Spring

Spring is just around the corner and that could mean a huge transition in terms of the application of eye-catching and unique makeup. It could also make way for confusion as the winter season has just ceased its magic and nature has fresher, brighter things in store for us! Through this article, dear reader, I will attempt to bring to you trending and skin-friendly looks to try on this spring. 


First up on the chartbusters this time is the sparkly eyes look. A very dewy and simple look, sparkly eyes literally fits every look in your spring wardrobe. The shimmer effect can be produced using a glitter primer. I would personally recommend, the Bobbi Brown glitter primer because there is no need for me to apply makeup at all! It has equal parts shimmer and provides the skin for an almost ready base.

Peach Lips

Another look that has gained recent recognition through multiple social media platforms and has become an absolute favourite of mine is the Peach Lip look. Yet again, easily available at your nearest cosmetic shop. Charlotte Tilbury’s – Kissing Perfect is an amazing product to try if you are looking for a subtle yet tangerine look, which adds to the energy of the whole spring vibe to your makeup. 

The Pip Box Shop’s Peach Balm is also another excellent product that claims to be very affordable and easily accessible. Just one layer of this, without any makeup, you are good to go for the day! 

Bold Blush

Next up is the Bold Blush look which has been trending since spring 2021. A very easy to do and comfortable one, this one requires using your blush and elongating its length and width all the way to your eyelashes. Not only does it offer a simple and plump look but does not fail to add to the accentuation of the cheekbones and in some ways, acts as an all-in-one contour and foundation. If you are new to trying this out, get the Revolution Pro by Sugar and Spice


Another trend that has caught on with the times recently is the coloured eyeliner pop. Whether it’s the raging white or the light purple dotted with yellow adding a little cultural shimmy to enhance the chic style, eyeliners don’t have to be boring anymore! The teal eyeliner by Palm Springs is definitely a product, I would not miss out on if I were you.

Falsies & Honourable Mentions

Some other looks that are brought out by the lightness and beauty of the spring season are artificial eyelashes, something worth trying once but with the right set of products. There is also the evergreen Nude Lips has been taking over the hearts of all makeup lovers since time immemorial. Going fully glittery eyed is also one of the many ways one can sync in with modern trend yet wing it with a classic and royal touch. Beauty Bay has quite an extraordinary collection of the same. One should get their hands on glitter eyeliners as they also act as a good backup in case, you’re having one of those ‘puffy-eye’ days. 

All in all, these are the famous and most-loved looks and trends wavering the world loved by the common masses at the moment and I have tried to bring the best of the best to you. Ones that are economically feasible yet elegant and the ones that have easier ways to be done, both simultaneously. So, you got no time to wait for spring to be here in full swing! So, spring it, swing it, and wing it up!

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