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Versace SS23 Show | The Modern Versace It-Girl

Versace SS23 Show | The Modern Versace It-Girl

I love the confident smell of Versace air. Every time fashion week comes around, one of my favourite shows in Milan is the Versace show. This year, I had to thank the Gods that fashion week was commencing on a Friday because I would’ve slept through the whole thing otherwise. Zero energy this year. But luckily, I have some fantastic girls on my timeline that kept me informed the whole way. I caught the Versace SS23 show when it aired and I was amazed and both shocked. I didn’t initially understand the show’s colour palette especially as we’re talking about a spring-summer collection. Then I heard rumours of the clobber being inspired by a Church and I had to pause the social commentary there. I got funeral vibes from the entire collection. Let’s dig deeper into my thoughts below.

The show opened with a piano piece and then the real soundtrack to the collection began which was so odd. To this day I can’t quite wrap my head around why the piano was used in the opening because it clashed with the soundtrack. There were some models who were used as set prop pieces in the virtual room that hosted the show. If these models had opened the show to the designated soundtrack, that would’ve made for a smoother opening. Again, the dark clothes that they wore with accompanying shades make me feel like this collection is perfect for modern funeral wear. Of course, you’d have to be a pretty confident person to wear this at all. 

Versace SS23 Soundtrack

Speaking of the soundtrack – Oh my goodness. Sex to the devil? Yeah. There’s no way this collection was inspired by Church-settings. According to Donatella, the collection was inspired by the Goddess of Freedom. I would agree with her and say that she achieved that with this collection. The models walked out as confident as the lyrics are for the song. These women encompassed brides of confidence.

I think my favourite custom soundtrack used in the show was called “Boys Are Bad.” It’s the perfect anthem for reasons why I should focus on my grades and happiness.

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