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Versace Fall-Winter 2022: Welcome To The Dark and Sexy New World Order

Versace Fall-Winter 2022: Welcome To The Dark and Sexy New World Order

This year’s fashion week has been nothing shy of exhaustive. After reviewing the Naeem Khan collection, I felt slightly overwhelmed with the entire season. That’s where the Versace Fall-Winter 2022 show comes into the picture!

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to the Versace Fall-Winter show because the looks would eventually appear on my timeline. Thanks to one of my fashion-forward followers, she posted looks from the show before I had even seen it. I knew from then on that it would be a different type of review. From the initial photos I saw, I was surprised. I had an idea of what the fall-winter collection would look like, and this wasn’t it.

Hair and Makeup

Firstly, the straight hair. Why? Versace has been fairly inclusive when it comes to hair types. The fact that everyone in the show had straight hair or cornrows was a surprise but didn’t leave me gasping. A lot of the makeup around the eyes was dark, which I liked for the fall-winter collection. Sacha Quenby had my favourite makeup for the entire show. She is a rising star from the UK, and I’m enjoying her rise to top model status.

The collection

The collection was okay. It wasn’t my favourite because I have come to expect sexy looks that accentuate a woman’s body. This time, I didn’t feel as though they were sexy. I thought they were simple and cool. I also enjoyed a lot of the corset-style midsections of the dresses. It was a transformative way to cinch in the waist and accentuate the woman’s natural features. Let’s remember the caged-liked lines the corsets created! So futuristic!

But then we come to the coats. Two coats in particular were my favourites. The first of my favourite coats is pink and features the Greca print. I like the pink one because it’s big and furry. It’s one of those jackets that you rub when you see it on someone. It also has the Greca print on the jacket. In other words, it’s not too ostentatious to wear on a night out in the fall.

A model wearing a pink fur coat from the Versace fall-winter 2022 collection.
A model wearing a black puffer coat featuring a cinched waist from the Versace fall-winter 2022 collection.

The second is black and has a corset in the midriff. The black one is a favourite of mine because it looks like a bin bag. But in a good way. Do you remember when girls in the fashion industry would say they dress so well that they could make a bin bag look good? That is what that jacket gives. If you said that, and others hold you to that, the black coat is what I would like to see you wear. 

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The shoes were amazing. Unmoving from the usual Versace trends, the girls were tall, and the heels were higher still. I did like the stilettos. But out of them all, the platforms were my favourite. Think about the shoe that Bella Hadid wore down the runway.

The Versace Fall-Winter Soundtrack

I liked the Versace Fall-Winter 2022 collection. I like most modern Versace soundtracks because they complement the collections very well. It adds more to the senses where escapism is on our minds. Of course, the best moment was the beat drop of the song Attitude by Lewis Ofman.

Overall, I liked the collection. I found it surprising because I didn’t expect Donatella to put these looks on the runway. I expected a cliche collection that had already been done and repackaged as something new.

Highlights: Versace Fall Winter 2022 Collection

Model Diversity & Inclusion

The Soundtrack

Surprising Designs

Makeup & Beauty Direction


Depth of Collection


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