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Every Essential You Need To Travel Under Lockdown Restrictions

Every Essential You Need To Travel Under Lockdown Restrictions

A list of the everyday essential

Travelling under lockdown restrictions is difficult. It’s tough to remember everything you need, so we have compiled a list of essential items below to keep it short and sweet. This list is not exhaustive, so by all means add the extras. However, it is a good starting point. Continue reading to find out more.

With travelling under lockdown restrictions rare, this list is for domestic travelling. When the borders open up and the world is ready to engage with itself, we will do another post. Something you must carry with you is a face mask!

© Annette Weber

For the safety and protection of our peers, travelling with a face mask is a must. Not the ones used in conjunction with a beauty regime. As seen on Annette, it is essential we travel with a face mask to stop the spread of the coronavirus. To really jazz up your look, opt for a face mask that is in the colour palette of your outfit. You’ll be sure to stand out.

Hand Sanitiser

© Sarahxama

Hand sanitiser is always essential. It would be in our bags even if the world wasn’t going through a pandemic because of the number of germs we come into contact with every day. Hand sanitiser is to keep your hands safe when on public transport, or using doors to shops. It is very important because sometimes we forget where our hands have been.

This can cause germs to go into our mouths if we eat or have bad habits, such as biting our nails. Always have hand sanitiser on hand!


Bank Cards & Cash

Cash is king. Banks cards are an essential. Together, they can both help you out of emergency situations!
© thechicdetail

With globalisation pushing our world to new technological heights every day, we use our bank cards more and more. However, there are still emergency cases where cash is king. For example, nights out with friends and you need to use a cab. Going to the hairdresser, or getting your nails done. A wise proverb from the West Indian culture is to never leave the house without at least £5 cash (varies from country to country).

It seems small, but £5 can get you out of an emergency.

Size Appropriate Bag

You need a medium sized or large bag to carry your essential items. This bag is brown.
© Eleanor Barkes

Depending on the errands you have to complete during your day, it is always best to leave the house with a bag. You never know what you may find. There are plenty of times when we leave the house just to buy sugar, and we come back with bread and cakes. As a style, wellness and beauty platform we are always on the lookout for deals. Unless you are an employee, you can never be sure when an item is going to be on sale.

So it’s always best practice to be prepared by effectively choosing your essential bag.

When in doubt, bring everything.

Tyra Banks

Pen & Notepad

Noting ideas down makes them permanent. We have spoken about the benefits of ‘pen-ing’ your thoughts onto paper before, and our stance on this hasn’t changed. When you are out and about, you don’t focus on the little things which give you enjoyment. Carry a notepad and pen with you, and see the amazing things you can relive without using up cellular device storage.


Snacks are an essential to any travel destination.
© Jamie/The strive

Making sure you stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day, is difficult when travelling. Snacks are a huge essential! Not only for those times when you feel peckish, but it is a money saver! Trust us. Try leaving your house, with a Tupperware of fruit or something dry and you won’t buy anything.

Body Spray or Parfum

You can never be too old or young to carry a scent. If you are doing heavy travelling, which encompasses you standing close to strangers, sweat will linger and infuse with your natural scent. Carry some light body spray or parfum to touch yourself up during the day, and keep you smelling fresh.

Carry some light body spray or parfum to touch yourself up during the day, and keep you smelling fresh

Nothing like a bit of D.O for the B.O

Essential Portable Charger

© Amy Cousins

For the very reason, that you can’t trust your own mobile phone sometimes. Have you ever put your phone on charge in healthy time before you head out, and your battery is at 24%? The struggle is real, but luckily for you, we’ve been scarred one too many times to go without this essential.

Mint or Gum

© Margiabeauty

Breath fresheners are essential. That’s all there is to it. None of us wakes up in the morning thinking we’re going to have a tuna sandwich, it just happens to be what we want when we walk into the supermarket. Mints are much easier on the stomach than gum so we would opt for the former. However, both are better than nothing.

With the future in the government’s hands, it is not certain when we will see each other again. The only thing we hope and wish for you is that you stay safe and healthy. Be sure to use our guide above, to be prepared for almost anything.

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