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Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep

Get The Ultimate Beauty Sleep

When it comes to an effective beauty regime, the tips are endless. But the one thing you never hear enough about is the most important factor of all: sleep!

Sleep is essential for the wellness of your mind, body, and soul. It’s your internal fountain of youth and a key element to beauty. If your sleep cycle is less than ideal, you can wake with skin imbalances, dehydration, redness, wrinkles, and even breakouts.

How can you achieve the deep, quality sleep your body craves each night? Read on to find my 10 simple tips for getting more sleep so that you can face the day with smooth, younger-looking skin.

Becca Schultz

1. Sleep On Your Back

When most people sleep, they tend to lie on their sides, pressing their faces, chests, and stomachs into their pillows and blankets. Though it may be the most comfortable, side sleeping can lead to premature ageing by allowing those pillows and blankets to pull on your skin. As a result, sleep creases and wrinkles deepen. When there is too much pulling on your skin, it loses some of its elasticity. Sleeping on your back is the best way to avoid wrinkles caused by excessive pulling.

2. Use A Humidifier In Your Bedroom

Hydration is what keeps skin buoyant and fresh. But when you spend all night fast asleep, you aren’t hydrating by drinking water. As a result, your skin loses vital moisture. To help prevent skin dehydration, run a humidifier in your bedroom. Humidifiers work by taking water from a series of chambers and pushing it into the air, making that air less dry and, therefore, gentler on your skin. For the best hydration results, turn on the humidifier after you apply a night cream.

3. Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be an effective aid for getting adequate beauty sleep. The scent of lavender, in particular, can help improve sleep patterns. The simplest way is to scent your room with lavender and breathe deeply each evening. Another option is to breathe in the aroma from a bottle of lavender for two full minutes at three 10-minute intervals before bedtime.

4. Invest In A Quality Mattress

A low-quality mattress can create pressure points on your back, resulting in pain and poor sleep quality. Gone are the days of settling for discomfort. Memory foam is the best way to achieve a restful slumber that promotes healthy skin. Memory foam mattresses are an excellent investment. When it comes to better sleep, what you spend upfront you’ll make up for in increased efficiency (and beauty!) throughout the day.

5. Wear Earplugs At Night

It’s nearly impossible to wake with gorgeous, refreshed skin if you’re constantly tossing and turning through the night. And noise is one of the main culprits contributing to an interrupted night of sleep. Opt for some earplugs and drift off without a hitch. 

6. Keep The Temperature Low

At night, your body’s natural temperature declines. Keeping the temperature in your bedroom low is good for both your metabolism and your blood flow. This is important because improving your blood flow helps oxygenate your skin, keeping it plump and even-toned for the day ahead. Maintaining a cool temperature in your bedroom will also help reduce redness in your skin.

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7. Wear Your Hair Up

Keeping your hair off your face at night is critical for gorgeous skin. Your hair naturally accrues oil and dirt throughout the day, which can accumulate on your face while you sleep. Since most of us only shampoo two to three times per week, letting your hair drape over your face at night could lead to breakouts.
As an added bonus, wearing your hair up while you sleep can also prevent it from frizzing and breaking. So before bed, braid your hair to the side or pin it back into a ballet bun.

8. Turn Off Electronics One Hour Before Bed

Electronics and even some light bulbs (e.g., LED) emit blue light, which delays the release of melatonin and can keep you awake long into the night. Replace bedroom light bulbs (such as LED and other energy-efficient designs) with bulbs that emit a more natural white light. This will help your brain prepare to release melatonin, which in turn helps you get restful beauty sleep.

9. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is another good habit that will help you get the ultimate beauty sleep. The link between physical activity and sleep is well established. Hence, regular exercise is advisable for good beauty sleep.

10. Go To Sleep And Wake Up At The Same Time Every Day

To get the ultimate beauty sleep you deserve, go to bed and wake up at the same time every single day. This allows your body to develop a natural sleep cycle, sometimes referred to as your body’s circadian rhythm. To develop a healthy sleep schedule, simply choose an eight-hour block of time for sleep and stick with it. Whatever times work for you, just remember to be consistent.

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