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Your Guide to the Dior Spring Summer RTW 2021 Bag Collection

Your Guide to the Dior Spring Summer RTW 2021 Bag Collection

Today, I will be taking a look at Maria Grazia‘s bags which she has designed for House Dior. The spring/summer collection was full of many amazing bags, and I’ve rounded off my favourites. Moreover, I have ranked all the bags descending in price, so don’t forget to add these to your shopping list!

Christian Dior Medium Lady D-Lite Bag – £3600

Look 65 of 86.

First, we have this medium beige bag. The D-Lite bag is fully embroidered and features the namesake charm in a gold finish metal. It is the most versatile bag on the list, as it can be worn in hand, on your shoulder, crossbody, and with variations of the embroidered strap. This is amazing for the days when you don’t expect to be carrying much, but your arms begin to hurt, so you need extra support.

CD Small Dior Caro Bag – £2750

this small shoulder bag was made by Dior. it can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody or in your hands.

Look 77 of 86.

Secondly, we have this small Dior Caro bag is crafted in faded denim, with a tie-dye Dior motif. This versatile bag was made to be worn on the shoulder or carried in hand. Perfect for your everyday essentials, this spring-summer bag is worthy!

CD Book Tote – £2650

This book tote bag is an essential from Dior. It features a feather style embroidery pattern.

Look 12 of 86.

Next is the effervescent tote bag. We all need tote bags as they’re important for the all-inclusive or exclusive long haul trip. Along with saddlebags, the tote bags are some of the best all season. This yellow paisley embroidered tote was designed to carry daily essentials and is completely embroidered with a multicolour and heather effect.

CD Diorcamp Bag – £2650

this messenger bag from Dior is a great alternative to the tote bag. Fantastic for the city girl running errands.

Look 47 of 86.

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The next bag on the list is this classic messenger bag, which is completely embroidered and features a blue Dior Palms motif. Made for this city, this bag is a sure way of ensuring you get all your errands done. Perfect for leaving the tote at home and wearing as a substitute.

CD D-Bubble Bucket Bag – £2550

this Dior bucket bag was made for the everyday girl. It Is fully embroidered as the most cost-effective.

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Last but certainly not least is the D-Bubble bucket bag. This bucket bag was made to be carried on the shoulder, or in your hands. Versatile bags are of the modern age, as it causes us to reduce unwanted items in our closets. It features handmade pompoms and is fully embroidered with a heathered effect. Perfect for the everyday girl.

Out of all of these bags, which would you get? Maria has long been a favourite designer of SSEDITORIAL as her designs are always inventive, new, and spark thought. If you haven’t seen the show, watch it here.

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